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Fire Force: Smiles and The Burning Past | 1 x 23,24 – recap

The fight between Sho and Shinra continues as Shinra uses his adolla link to show Sho his past. Shinra shows Sho memories from 12 years ago when they had a life with their mother. He also showed him what happened when the world thought he killed them.

Shinra vs Sho

Soon, Sho begins to unlock dormant memories about his past and begins to cry. Sho specifically remembers when a newspaper flew from the window seal onto his crib covering his face. Shinra was the one to come and remove that paper.

The two share a touching moment and Shinra proclaims that he’s come to get Sho from the dark. Moments after, Sho acknowledges that Shirna is his brother, his sword impales Shinra.

Viktor stands by confused at what happened as Sho steps away just as baffled. Turns out that Haumea is the reason that Shinra was stabbed. Recall, she is also linked to the adolla. She tells Shinra that both he and Sho are being gathered to help the White-Clad torch the world. However, she will not tell Sho what happened 12 years ago.


Sho tries to battle her using his Severed Universe, but his power fails. He asks if he’s been “cut from grace”, but Haumea puts him in a trance and makes him march off.

Just as Shinra is about to be captured, Arthur, Hinawa, and Obi arrive. Soon Tamaki, Vulcan, Maka, and Iris arrive as backup. The 8th stands tall. The White-Clad retreats with Sho and the 8th retreat as well because the Nether is collapsing on itself due to an earthquake caused by the evangelist.

Haumea vs Shinra

Captain Wong of Company 6 (a friend of Obi) goes to treat Shinra. She explains that his heart, lungs, and spine were all damaged and he may end up paralyzed. However, Wong uses her powers to heal Shinra and he’s fine.

When Shinra wakes up, he is in a gaunt state. Burns, from the first, comes to see him and tell him about 12 years back. As Burns confirms the information we’ve found out the last few episodes, Shinra becomes hostile and tells Burns that getting injured was a fluke. Burns tells him to fight him to prove it.

In Episode 24, Shinra arrives back to the station with the rest of the 8th and reports the information he learned during his exchange with Burns.

Burns told Shinra the Fire Force knew the fire was going to happen. Haumea used her adolla link to take Sho. That caused Shinra’s mother to turn into an inferno. Shinra’s adolla burst was awakened as a result.

Despite the firefighters’ attempts to put out the flames, it would not budge. Haumea was keeping the flames going.

Shinra realizes that the demon he saw in the Nether (the same one from 12 years ago) was his mother.

Burns vs Shinra

He met Asua Hague of the 6th who was looking after him in the hospital. She is the granddaughter of Captain Hague of the 4th. She sets up a meeting for them because Hague may be connected to the adolla link.

Later in the episode, everyone who is an ally of the 8th gathered for a super.

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