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My Hero Academia: Temp Squad | 4 x10 – recap

Chisaki says that despite some of the underling’s feelings about him, he upholds his fathers will more than anyone. He is convinced that the raid by the police and heroes will only help his group in the long run because it will serve as a great story to garner support. As he is escaping, he tells a waiting Toga and Twice to get to work. They are there as apart of his agreement with Shigaraki.

Back with Fat Gum and Red Riot, the Rappa rises from the rubble and challenges them to another fight later in time because he had an exciting time during their battle. Neither party can continue fighting, but Fat Gum has an entire internal monologue about how Kirishima (Red Riot) surpassed his expectations.

Lemillion (Mirio) continues to run down the halls of the hideout with Nighteye and the others trying to catch up behind him. Mimic has been keeping a watchful eye on them and decides to strike before his power-up ends. As the walls start to close in, Rock Lock uses his quirk to hold the walls in place long enough to help the others move forward.

Deku kicks down Mimic’s attacking walls to allow the group time to pass through, but eventually, Mimic split’s the group off from each other. Deku and Erasure are separated from the group. Nighteye is with everyone else.

Meanwhile, Rappa, having found respect for Red Riot and Fat Gum, tells Fat Gum about his fight with Chisaki in an MMA ring that lead to him joining the gang. Rappa lost to Chisaki several times because of his quirk, Overhaul. Tengai warns Rappa to be quiet, but it’s evident that Rappa wants nothing to do with the clan and only wants redemption against Chisaki.

Fat Gum deduces that once the group reaches Chisaki, they probably will still have a difficult time overtaking him due to his powerful quirk.

Back with Nighteye, the group is split up. Toga attacks Rock Lock and stabs him. Deku and Erasure hear him in distress and come to his aid. Erasure figures out that Toga is at work but get stabbed while trying to take her down. Erasure realizes that the Hassaikai and the League of Villains are working together.

Through a flashback, it is revealed that Chisaki and Shigarki have called a truce. Now some of the League of Villains are helping hold off the heroes during the raid. However, Shigaraki wants Toga and Twice to gain their trust to help take over their group.

Twice shows up next with Rappa to fight Nighteye. Nighteye knocks him out with battle enhancements revealing that the real Rappa is still with Fat Gum, and Twice was only using a created decoy. During the brief fight, Twice has his mask sliced. The suit helps hold him together. With the damage to his mask, he is in danger of splitting. He yells at Mimic for not moving fast enough as he struggles to keep control. Toga rescues Twice, and despite being asked to befriend the Hassaikai members, Toga and Twice opt to do there own thing causing Mimic to lose control after they insult Chisaki.

Mimic creates a landslide that drops everyone onto the same level and sets up a collision course for the heroes and Chisaki.

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