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Fire Force:A Brother’s Determination | 1 x22 – recap

This episode continues with Shinra versus Sho on the bottom floor of the Nether. Shinra is trying to convince Sho to come with him. Adversely, Sho is trying to explain what the adolla link/burst is. It’s a power that should only be in “adolla,” also known as the underworld. Sho transports Shinra there where he sees the evangelist standing there, but he does not communicate with it. 

Both Sho and Shinra teleport back to the Nether, where Viktor stands wondering where they blinked off too. As Sho and Shinra continue to fight, Viktor acts as the voice of reason by trying to convince Shinra to leave, but he won’t.

Convinced he can catch his brother, Shinra continues despite Sho’s ability to control time by cooling and heating it. During their battle, Shinra uses the technique he learned from Benimaru to increase his speed to lay hands on Sho, but he is unsuccessful.

Throughout the fight, there is some exposition. As I understand it, Sho was kidnapped by the White Clad as a child and offered to the evangelist who then gave him powers. However, I’m not sure if that is entirely true because Shinra also has powers. Why wouldn’t he have been taken as well?

In a final speed attack toward Sho, Shinra disappears, and not even Sho can see him when he stops time. Viktor determines that Shinra is moving so fast that he is breaking apart and regenerating. He could potentially create a black hole. Instead of warning him, Viktor stands by to watch. Finally, Shinra breaks through Sho’s defenses and punches him in the face.

Back with company 1, Captain Burns reveals that Shinra was never supposed to be involved in the situation. Burns has enlisted the help of a retired lieutenant in preparation for the fight. The upsurge in earthquakes foreshadows the battle.

Yona and Haumea (another adolla link user) stand by observing. Shinra tells Sho that by punching him, he’s gained some “grace” from the evangelist, which allows him to control his adolla link.

Shirna gains the ability to control time by moving fast. Viktor finally tells Shinra that he could permanently die if he overheats while using his adolla link. But Shinra doesn’t want to hear it.

The episode ends in a standoff between Sho and Shinra for the second week in a row.

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