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6 Underground is a good time | Netflix (Review)

6 Underground is an impressive movie to watch. Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the cast had great chemistry especially when it came to the comedic moments in the movie. The opening sequence of the movie was full parkour mixed with the fast and the furious.

I think one of the more innovative uses of content in this movie were the flashbacks within flashbacks. They allow you to learn about the characters while still following the current story and without derailing from the action.

There was one point where I thought the car chase scene was the entire movie because it was so long, but it was so well done that I wouldn’t have been mad if it had. It was both entertaining and hilarious at the same time. Moments later I realize 6 Underground was a Michael Bay film and suddenly the car chase scene made sense.

There is a hard stop and quick change of emotional tone at the end of the car scene that made me realize this movie would be more than one-liners and action sequences. 6 Underground is not a movie about a band of merry men. Or at least it would have you believe its not. Because of the tone shift, there is an unpredictable aspect to the film. So as a viewer, you are waiting for the other shoe to drop. There are some gut-wrenching scenes in this film dealing with chemical warfare and politics as well.

I loved this movie. It was wall to wall action, comedy, hope and heartbreak all in one film. It dealt with some tough subjects but the light-hearted tone kept the movie flowing. This is absolutely a film to watch.

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