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My Hero Academia: Red Riot | 4 x09 – recap

We pick up with Suneater as he finishes fighting the three villains that attacked him in the basement. After his finishing blow, the villains lay defeated on the floor tied up in octopus tentacles. As he’s trying to catch up with Deku and the others, he passes out on the floor.

The others run ahead and determine that mimic (the villain that warped the corridor in the last episode) cant affect an area he is not in. As a result, Erasure, Nighteye, Red Riot, Fat Gum, Rock Lock, and Deku can continue chasing Chisaki.

Back on the upper-level, Bubble Girl is arresting people. They tell her their group use to orchestrate with chivalry but Chisaki changed the dynamic when the leader (his father) fell ill. Chisaki dubbed himself Overhaul and invited “low life’s” into the once prestigious organization. However, they still don’t believe the heroes will defeat Chisaki despite their personal feelings against him.

Mimic catches up with Nighteye and the others and tries to tackle Erasure into a hole in the wall for an awaiting ambush. However, Red Riot and Fat Gum push him out of the way because his quirk is a key component in the hero’s success.

After being pushed into the hole, Red Riot and Fat Gum are approached by Rappa and Tengai. Rappa doesn’t like Chisaki and calls him Over-Jerk instead of Overhaul. Tengai has a level of respect for Chisaki. The two villains refer to themselves as a sword and shield and say that Fat Gum and Red Riot are two shields.

Red Riot is injured by Rappa’s attack and as a result, he mentally retreats into himself as he thinks about his struggle to gain strength while watching his classmate Mino Ashido fearlessly excel at being a hero.

Fat Gyum begins to take the brunt of Rappa’s attacks because he sees Red Riot struggling. Fat Gum gives Red Riot words of encouragement because despite his injuries he can tell Red Riot is capable of snapping out of his trance.

Fat Gum takes so much damage that he begins to lose weight and just as Rappa prepares to land a final blow, Red Riot returns to the fight. He provides a pivotal block to give Fat Gum the ability to strike the finishing blow on both Rappa and Tengai.

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