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Dr. Stone: Voices over Infinite Distance | 1 x24 – recap

Though the Kingdom of Science accomplished their goal of creating the cell phone, Senku reveals that they need another phone for it to work as intended.

Senku plans a trail for the villagers of Ishigami to see how a wired telephone works. Chrome takes the first handset and Ruri takes the other. Ginro encourages chrome to make his first words over the phone to Ruri count because we all know Chrome loves Ruri at this point. However, Chrome just says “science is awesome”.

Astonished by the telephone, Ruri recalls the 14th tale passed down through the generations about bees. Senku figures out through the story, that his dad left him a time capsule in his headstone.

The villagers run to the grave site, find the headstone and break it open to find a recording of his father and the rest of the crew.

There’s a flashback of how Byakuya (Senku’s father) made the recording and simultaneously we see the Kingdom of Science back at work building a record player. Once finished, they listen to the final message from their ancestors which includes a greeting from Byakuya followed by a song from Lillian.

Senku inspires his village-mates by telling them he wishes to bring back comics, anime, music, etc. There’s a cool Goku easter egg in a montage that is shown. That coupled with Lillian’s song moves the members of Ishigami Village and reinvigorates them to prepare the second cell phone and get ready for the Stone War.

We see Taiju and Yuzurihataiju who are double agent members of the Kingdom of Might. They’ve been waiting for a year for Senku to return.

I can’t wait for season 2! Overall I enjoy watching this anime. They way Senku was able to stabilize himself from the initial attack and figure out a way to revive his friends and despite facing the danger of Shishio which I assume will be even more imminent next season.

I hope you enjoyed following the season with me. I’ll see you when season 2 begins.

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