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Knives Out is a maze of a murder mystery (review)

In August, I wrote a post about the problem with remakes and reboots. My main concern was the lack of originality as properties are driven in the whole over and over again. However, recently a few original properties were released. One being 21 Bridges and the other being Knives Out.

I enjoyed 21 Bridges and wrote a full review of the movie linked here. And just as I was excited to watch an original concept with that movie, Knives Out also did not disappoint.

Here’s why.

While Knives Out is a “who done it?” film, Rian Johnson did a great job incorporating twists and turns in this film that you wouldn’t see coming. Unlike Clue (1985) or Murder Mystery (2019), which was released earlier this year on Netflix, the film takes every idea that you have about the circumstances surrounding Harlan Thrombey’s death and slaps you in the face with it.

As soon as you think you’ve figured out what happened and who was involved, the plot will reveal the actual event or the evidence will make you second guess your theory.

I won’t spoil this movie because there are so many twists that I ‘d be doing you a great disservice. Just know that even though it may be fun to try and guess what happened, you’ll probably be wrong, but you will enjoy the fallout.

Everyone is this film played their role well, but Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Ana de Armas were joys to watch on screen and made the film better to watch with because of their character execution. This is a fun movie to watch and I think you should give it a try, especially if you enjoy murder mystery films.

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