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Great Pretender after 14 episodes (Netflix Review)

The Great Pretender was an interesting anime. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised. The first couple of episodes give off a superficial vibe. You might assume that the story characters are con artists without a soul.

It turns out they have a soul, and they are conning criminals and other morally bankrupt people for various reasons.

Though out of everyone that they con, only one outside party benefits from their work intentionally. Other people who are positively affected is just happenstance. The main characters get away with billions of dollars using an elaborate network of “confidence men” to pull off heists.

In 14 episodes, you find out in-depth details that tell you why individual con syndic members behave the way they do, except Laurent. And out of all of the characters, Edamura has the most apparent conscience. It’s most likely because he’s relatively new to conning on such vast a scale.

There are three arcs in this short season, but they are fleshed out and have surprising twists at the end, especially the first arc.

Give this Great Pretender a try if you like mystery mixed with comedy and a story that requires you to pay attention to understand the context entirely.

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