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The Net (1995)

Found this gem on IMBD TV courtesy of prime video and I was not disappointed.

It’s a movie about a woman named Angela Bennett, who like most of us these days makes her living working from a computer, spends her leisure time on the computer, and makes her friends on the computer. Granted this movie was released in 1995 so, get ready to feel the nostalgia of chatrooms, dial-up, and pixelated graphics on the OG computer monitor.

The story follows Bennett as she ends up getting omega hacked and her identity stolen after going on an overdue vacation.

After a rollercoaster of fraud, high speed chases, and death, Bennett is able to figure out who is behind the grand scheme that is causing the entire United States to fall prey to cyber attacks.

I will say, I was not disappointed by this film. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised that the action didn’t take long to ramp up. 

I absolutely suggest checking out this oldie starring Sandra Bullock. There is a sequel and a television series, but Bullock isn’t attached.

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