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The Flash: Love Is a Battlefield | 6 x11 – Review

After Iris was abducted by a mystical mirror…

She woke up in front of the mirror in a daze. She escaped the Mccullum Technologies to return home with a sudden ability to cook.

It’s hilarious because Barry almost chokes when he eats Iris’ burned free pancakes. That’s not the only pleasant surprise Iris shows Barry in this episode. Iris tells Barry that “Team Citizen” is regrouping before going after Carver again.

During their Barry and Iris’ date night, Amunet robs a man in the same resturant for a unique device, Barry tries to arrest her even though he’s a CSI, but she threatens to tell the secret identities of Team Flash. As a result, she escapes.

The two go on a mission to find out what Amunet is up to. Iris goes into to a bar where her affiliates are with Barry as a backup. Barry is very uptight, but Iris is somehow very comfortable in danger.

They find out that Amunet is going to IVO labs next and arrive there just as Amunet meets with Goldface due to a gang war to acquire tech.

Despite security trying to gain control of the situation, Goldface (Keith) and Amunet (Felicia) begin to fight, and Goldface escapes with the case. However, Iris stole the tech inside.

Marital Issues

Iris asks Ryan Choi to identify the tech Amunet stole. Item one was a specialized UV projector, and Item two was a biome simulated storage unit.

But all of that is moot because Iris wants to approach Amunet to solve the issue straight away, but Barry wants her to stay put at home until things blow over between the gangs.

This revelation spirals into an argument between Barry and Iris. Iris says that she has changed, especially since having to prepare for life without Barry during the Crisis. She doesn’t want to be his damsel in distress anymore. Barry says they haven’t been connecting, and Iris says that she’s grown now.

She storms out to follow her lead.

Side Mission

Frost wants to help Allegra overcome her hatred for Valentine’s Day by helping her reconcile with her ex-boyfriend.

They visit Jitters so that Allegra can meet him, but they find out he’s dating the coffee shop girl.

Nash comes looking for Allegra (who thinks he’s weird by the way). However, he finds Frost. Nash helps Frost forgive herself for mixing things up. He tells Frost to help Allegra deal with grays rather than absolutes.

Frost apologizes to Allegra and finds out Allegra ghosted her boyfriend because she was ashamed of being a metahuman. Frost then passes on Nash’s advice to Allegra. As a result, Allegra and her ex become friends again.

Frost confronts Nash about possibly being Allegra’s father, but he doesn’t confirm. Instead, they agree to speak some other time. Nash ends up seeing the ghost of Harrison Wells past as well.

If I can use the pollen, then I can read his mind. – Iris West-Allen

Iris visits Amunet and asks to join her. Iris has figured out the plant that Amnuet and Goldface will allow them to read minds. Iris tells Amunet she wants to use the pollen to help her marriage, and they connect base on flailing relationships.

Barry and Joe talk about how Iris has evolved. Barry is worried that he and Iris are growing apart, but Joe says they should grow together rather than apart.

It’s a fine line between love and hate, my dear. – Amunet

Goldface and Amunet arrive to steal the meta-flower orchid at the same time, which leads to a standoff. Shooting starts, and the Flash comes to save Iris. The Flash tries to help Amunet and Goldface make up, but it doesn’t work.

Iris tells Barry to break the case with the orchid and that the mind-reading powers help the two villains make up.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Barry apologizes for not acknowledging Iris’ accomplishments. They make up, but it turns out that the Iris is actually stuck in the mirror from last episode at Mccullum Technologies. She is screaming out for help to Barry, but he can’t hear her.

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