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Is Designated Survivor worth binging? | review

Netflix recently released the third season of Designated Survivor. The show was previously on ABC, and I have to admit that I knew it existed, but I never watched it.

When Netflix notified me that every episode was available, I happened to have some extra time on my hands. So I binged the entire first season in two days.

In season one, Kiefer Sutherland is likable, vulnerable and comes off sincere in his role as designated survivor turned president of the united states of America, Tom Kirkland. Starring role aside, there is a non-stop action that rolls one crisis into another while keeping its audience engaged and guessing about the fallout.

Season one, by far, is the most engaging television series partially built on real-world events that I have ever watched. It’s even terrifying at times because, as a random citizen, you wonder, could events like this be taking place right now in real life.

The super human and super intelligence portrayed in this fictitious government is highly engaging as they help solve the central conspiracy of the show, primarily during season one.

But, I can’t forget to express how memorable the villain Catalan was in his performance. He may have only had three lines all season one, but his presence is undeniable.

In the second season, I did realize a lot of people were shot and removed from the show. A good amount of villain characters were eliminated without supplying a piece of the puzzle in the conspiracy at the hand of Hannah Wells. But I kept watching.

By the end of the second season, as much as I liked Tom Kirkland, I started to not like him because of his attitude and rage. I guess you could call that character progression, but it was such a massive change from how we met him in the pilot episode that I lost interest.

By the time I reached the third season, I decided not to force myself to binge any further into the series, but I did enjoy the time I spent with the Designated Survivor characters while I did watch. When I began watching the show, it was a story about central characters working against constant sabotage. However, that appealing factor changed for me after 42 episodes.

So, is Designated Survivor worth binging? I’ll let you be the judge.

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