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Dr. Stone: The Treasure | 1 x22 – recap

SinceSenku chose Magma as the third member of the exploration group, the other members of the Kingdom of Science are worried that Magma might try to attack Senku while they are down in the cave. However, Senku is only focused on the filaments. In Magma’s mind, he is thinking of attacking Senku because no one will be watching. Just as Magma is in thought, Asagiri Gen walks over to him and whispers instructions (it is inaudible for the viewer). says no one will be watching while they are in

The Treasure

Chrome is on high alert as the exploration group goes into the cave. When they arrive at the digging area there are pit traps. As Senku is explaining the dangers of falling into the pits, the ground starts to crumble. It seems like Magma tried to push Senku, but in reality, he tried to push him out of the way. Despite his efforts, both he and Senku fell into the pit.

Chrome decides to fill the hole with water to help them float up and out, however, his technique was off. This prompts Senku explains how to craft a water siphon.

While Magma struggles to be in Senku’s company, he explains that Senku’s arrival to the village removed his chances of being chief. Senku then says that the world needs workers and bosses. Magma calls a truce, at least until they beat Shishio and the Kingdom of Might.

“Natures Treasure Chest”

Senku and Magma escape the pit barely avoiding hypothermia. They find a Skarn Deposit and extract its minerals and other resources that the village can use.

We get a flashback from Magma’s perspective of when Asagiri whispered to him. He told him to bring Senku back in 3 days. In a surprising turn of events, Magma ushers Chrome and Senku back to the village in time for a birthday present for Senku that the village worked together to make.

The group made him an observatory. Senku was moved but thought about using it practically to keep an eye out for soldiers of the Kingdom of Might. Ishigami Village celebrated Senku’s birthday and the episode ends.

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