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Fire Force: Into the Nether | 1 x19 – recap

The 8th company has been searching for the White-Clad and finds out that they are running their operation out of the Nether, a now-defunct railway under the city.

With the information confirmed, Obi prepares his team for a battle with the main goal being to stop the White-Clad and bring Sho, Shinra’s brother, home.

The night before the 8th goes to the Nether, Shinra has a nightmare. His adolla link connects with an earthquake that occurs, but during his dream, he has a vision of Iris. He also has a dream about his brother and mother. His mother use to tease him about sending him to the Nether if he didn’t behave.

The 8th, along with Tamaki, show up to the gate and a smokescreen is released that splits the whole group up. The White-Clad used fog and living imposters to break up the group. Vulcan and Obi are together, Tamaki and Iris are together, and Maki is alone. Shinra and Arthurs’s whereabouts are still unknown.

Sho sends Assault into action to finish the group off. He runs into Tamaki and Iris first. Tamaki takes the lead to fight and gets bombarded with missiles. Assault ends up getting his head bashed in after accidentally grabbing onto Tamaki leaving him stunned and allowing Iris to bash his head in.

Maki is alone when the Flail and Mirage approach her. With her new gear made by Vulcan and fighting skill, she takes both members of the White-Clad out.

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