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My Hero Academia: GO !! | 4 x07 – recap

After realizing the danger they left Eri in, Midoriya and Mirio accepted the weight of rescuing her when they get another opportunity. The students carried on with their classes and activities, while the work-study students (Uraraka, Sue, Midoriya, Kirishima and the Big 3) mentally prepared for their role in the mission to catch Overhaul, shut down his operation, and rescue Eri.

They were forbidden to talk about their work studies with anyone not involved with the case. Midoriya couldn’t speak to anyone, even All Might, about his internal issues. However, Lida and Todoroki provided moral support even though they were unaware of the situation.

Meanwhile, Rock Lock (Ken Takagi), Bubble Girl and the other heroes were investigating the city to determine where Eri might be kept. Sir Nighteye was tracking her babysitter and ended up using foresight on him while he was shopping for a popular girl’s toy.

Deku’s phone rings and the heroes gather for their mission with the police. Bubble Girl received a warrant to search the premises of the villain hideout, and everyone was given assignments to carry out for the mission.

While the heroes got in place, Chisaki (Overhaul) went to visit his father who is on life support somewhere in the hideout. He also met with a few of his partners in crime. They notify him that the heroes are gathering but assure him they are prepared.

A juggernaut type villain barrels through the front gate of the hideout just as the police and heroes’ arrive. Ryuko Tatsuma transforms into a dragon to combat him and allows the rest of the forces to progress into the hideout.

Deku and LeMillion head straight for Eri to rescue her.

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