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My Hero Academia: GO !! | 4 x07 – recap

After realizing the danger they left Eri in, Midoriya and Mirio accepted the weight of rescuing her when they get another opportunity. The students carried on with their classes and activities, while the work-study students (Uraraka, Sue, Midoriya, Kirishima and the Big 3) mentally prepared for their role in the mission to catch Overhaul, shut down his operation, and rescue Eri.

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My Hero Academia: An Unpleasant Talk | 4 x06 – recap

As a result of the information gathered by Sir Nighteye’s agency, Amajiki (Suneater) being short with the quirk destroyer dart last episode, and the interaction Deku and LeMillion had with Chisaki and Eri, Nighteye called a meeting with the heroes who could help further the investigation.

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My Hero Academia: Fighting Fate | 4 x04 – recap

In the previous episode, Midoriya was accepted into his work-study with Sir Nighteye. By the end credits, Midoriya had run into their prime subject Overhaul while walking on patrol with Le Million also known as Togato. This episode begins as Togato and Midoriya, now going by their hero names Le Million and Deku, proceed with their walk. Just as their walk begins, a little girl bumps into Deku running from an alleyway with Kai Chisaki closely behind.

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My Hero Academia: Overhaul (4×2) – recap

Kai Chisaki, also known as Overhaul, visits the League of Villains to speak with Shigaraki about his plan. Initially, Shihgaraki thinks he wants to join their group, but it becomes evident that he intends to take over the group.

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