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Opinion: Boruto is not bad, it’s just not Naruto

I recently started watching a few episodes of Boruto again. To be honest, I haven’t watched many episodes since Chocho, Choji’s daughter, used her jutsu to make her skinny. That will tell you how long it has been.

I saw a clip on Instagram that said Boruto’s latest fight was exciting in episode 125. I was curious so I watched the episode. It was not as exciting as the post led on, but over the next several episodes, the story has gotten more interesting.

Boruto is engaging in battle with Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki whose main goal is to steal the nine tails. His recent encounters with Momoshiki involve time travel, training from Jiraiya, getting to know young Naruto, and learning more about Sasuke’s past. That’s all I gathered so far.

The story of Boruto is getting interesting in this arc, but it’s because we are getting to see our favorites from Naruto in the prime of their life again. I can’t be certain that I won’t lose interest once this arc is finished. What I am hoping for is more action and moments where Boruto overcomes adversity because that is where he and his father differ.

Of course, Boruto will not experience the same troubles as Naruto because this is a different time, and the Hokage is Naruto and he and the rest of his generation are overpowered. But, I can’t wait for the moment in this series when Boruto comes into his own.

I’ve heard a rumor that the Naruto story that sees an orphan gain it all in the end, will see Boruto lose it all in the end. It’s a sad story, but if we still invested in the Naruto generation will Boruto be the focal point or his father. Either way, I will pay more attention because Boruto isn’t bad, it’s just not Naruto.

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  1. I haven’t seen Boruto, so I wasn’t sure how good it was. I did hear that the current generation can do way more than when their parents were their age so I was leery about that. Naruto had it’s good moments, but the filler and hypocrisy about the whole “hard work vs. super innate powers” aspect did turn me off.

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