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The Mandalorian (2019) based on two epsiodes

The first series released on the Disney+ stream, The Mandalorian, proved to be a treat for Star Wars fans. Before I was able to see the first episode for myself, I heard a lot of good things about the shows practical and visual effects.

After watching the first two episodes myself, I can agree that it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It fits right in with the Star Wars universe and if I’m honest I’m more interested in finding out about the origins of baby Yoda (that’s what I’m calling it until we find out what its name is), than the series completion of the latest Star Wars movie trilogy.

The Main Character

We only know the main character by the name The Mandalorian. He’s a bounty hunter just like Boba Fett, but we get to follow his journey versus seeing him get killed before we get to know him.

The character seems stoic when we are introduced to him. Right away he certifies himself as a renegade that should not be tested when claiming a bounty. Later his reputation is confirmed by Greef Karga recommends him to retrieve a mystical presence.

I’m interested in his character because although he comes off as the silent and tough type, we see a somewhat vulnerable side of him by episode two and we also experience a bit of a comedic side from him as he interacts with a droid. That makes his character intriguing.

The first two episodes were enjoyable to watch. I can only assume that as the story is fleshed out more, I’ll become more engaged and interested in the Mandalorian pocket of the Star Wars universe. With 8 episodes for season one and a confirmed season two, the Disney+ series is off to a great start.

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