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My Hero Academia: An Unpleasant Talk | 4 x06 – recap

As a result of the information gathered by Sir Nighteye’s agency, Amajiki (Suneater) being short with the quirk destroyer dart last episode, and the interaction Deku and LeMillion had with Chisaki and Eri, Nighteye called a meeting with the heroes who could help further the investigation.

In the meeting, Bubble Girl briefs all of the heroes about the investigation. They confirm Chisaki’s dealings with the League of Villains in addition to his underground activities developing the quirk destroyer serum.

Eraserhead explains that his quirk, Erasure, temporarily renders someone’s quirk useless. However, the serum that Amajiki was shot with damaged his quirk (he did eventually heal). Fat Gum reveals to the group that the serum is made from human blood and cells, most likely from Eri.

Nighteye, Tatsuma, Eraserhead, and a hero named Ken Takagi theorize that Chisaki is using his quirk, Overhaul, to deconstruct and reconstruct his daughter’s body to make the quirk destroyer serum.

Midoriya and Mirio sit in silence realizing that they left Eri in this situation.

This episode shows the parallel between Deku and LeMillion. They both put pressure on themselves to accomplish their goals and doubt that they can realize their dream because they’ve failed with one person.

Nighteye defends Mirodiya and Mirio saying that they tried to keep the girl safe in a different way. Deku wanted to take Chisaki head-on, while LeMillion wanted to defuse the situation until he knew he could win.

A hero suggests using Nighteye’s foresight quirk to determine what’s going to happen. However, Nighteye’s quirk has limitations. He explains that he can only use his quirk on one person a day. Still affected by All Might’s situation, he also states that he does not want to see if someone is going to die.

Fat Gum wants to rush in and take Eri by force, however, Nighteye insists that the plan should be thought out. So he suggests using the local heroes to scout high traffic areas of Chisaki’s mob to help pinpoint her location. After that, he will use his foresight to determine the highest probability of success.

With the plan set, Midoriya and Mirio sit at a table with Sue, Uraraka, Kirishima, Amajiki, and Hado. While everyone talks it over, Midoriya and Mirio contemplate how they will save Eri.

Eraserhead arrives to tell Midoriya that he still doesn’t trust him fully after the events of Bakugo’s abduction. So he asks him to use his head and do things the right way instead of doing things prematurely.

Later, Grand Torino and Nighteye discuss Deku’s similarities to All Might and after the credits, we (the viewer) find out that Eri has a babysitter now and is being watched closely. However, in her fear, she clings to the memory of Deku who was kind and reached out to her.

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