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List: 5 Chilling Horror Films

There are so many horror films available. Most of them could probably give me and many others nightmares or cause to keep out feet under the covers at night. That’s the aim of a horror film after all. In this list, I thought about all of the movies that creeped me out the most because they occurred while the characters were just living their unassuming lives. With that in mind, take a look at some picks of the most spine-chilling horror movies.

Jeepers Creeps

The first installment of Jeepers Creepers may have been confusing, but it was off and freaky. Between trying to figure out how The Creeper could drive with claws for feet and why Trisha and Darry were driving on a back road in the first place, Jeepers Creepers kept your attention. 

The mystery of The Creeper was never fully understood. Why is it here? Can it be defeated? Why does it recycle every 23 years? All questions they weren’t answered in the sequels either. But, the first encounter with The Creeper, kept me off many back roads since 2001!

Thirteen Ghosts

Thirteen Ghosts was released in 2001 as well featuring Matthew Lillard. The movie surrounds a family that moves into a house. However, the house turns out to be a machine. That machine combined with witchcraft attracts 13 ghosts to the house. As a result, a lot of cringing things happen. 

If moving into a new house isn’t stressful enough, I’m sure finding out you are fodder for a bunch of ghosts makes things a lot worse. Plus, there is a huge twist that will almost make you want to cry.

The Ring

Remember The Ring? I do. A movie about a little girl thrown in a well. Somehow she can haunt and kill people who watch her video unless they extend her haunting. I didn’t understand it the first time I saw it and I never watched The Ring again to try and figure it out. 

The Thing

I may not have been alive when John Carpenters’ The Thing released in 1982, but it is a classic. An alien life form infiltrates a scientific research group and copies their form while preying on them. It’s like watching a form of who done it except everyone is infected. 

I suppose by the end of the movie I was just happy the Thing can’t survive the extreme cold or can it! What if the Thing is just hanging out in Antarctica? Watching this movie made me feel like I can’t even go visit the arctic tundra’s if I wanted to.


Jordan Peele’s US was one of the best horror releases in 2019. There were a lot of theories about this movie. The scariest thought is the idea of my underground doppelganger rising to the surface to take my place and no one would notice! That is terrifying. 

Feel free to list horror films that freak you out the most in the comment section below!

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  1. ok you have semented yourself as my favorite writer. The Thing has been my favorite movie for years. I’m glad you gave it a mention, awesome job.

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