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My Hero Academia: Boy Meets… | 4 x 3 (recap)

We pick up where the last episode ended. Midoriya and Togata stand in the doorway of Sir Nighteye’s office. Moments before they opened the door, Togata told Midoriya that he had to make Nighteye laugh if he wanted to be accepted into the work-study.

Midoriya decided to impersonate All Might from a specific era in time. Nighteye didn’t recognize at first and mistook it as ridicule. However, Midoriya was referring to an instance when All Might’s face was slightly off due to jumping in a river of vinegar to save a boy whose quirk transformed liquid.

That gave Midoriya a brief moment of relief as he and Nighteye geek over All Might’s least publicized heroic moment.

Boy Meets…

Nighteye begins giving Midoriya information about his work-study and its effects on his academics. But, he refuses to stamp his acceptance sheet because he wants Midoriya to prove his worth.

Nighteye challenges Midoriya to stamp the work-study contract himself by taking the acceptance stamp out of his hand within three minutes. He asks Togata and Bubble Girl to leave during the challenge.

Nighteye’s quirk, Foresight, allows him to see a person’s actions for an hour after he’s touches and locks eyes with them.

“The people are not looking for a dim light, but a dazzling one” – Sir Nighteye

During the challenge, Nighteye goats Midoriya by saying that All Might chose the wrong successor and telling him Togata was a contender. Midoriya attacked Nighteye from every angle to snatch the stamp without touching any of the All Might memorabilia.

The time limit runs out and Midoriya fails to grab the stamp. However, Nighteye’s challenge was just a test. He has already decided to accept Midoriya before he had arrived. He somewhat apologizes for the negative remarks he said during the test and stamps his acceptance letter.

However, Midoriya knows Nighteye does not want him to be All Might’s successor. Still, Midoriya takes the letter and takes the challenge to prove that All Might chose correctly.

Back on campus, word travels that Midoriya is with Nighteye Agency. Some of his friends are excited and hopeful that they will find work-study agency’s, but Todoroki and Bakugo talk among themselves. They see that Midoriya is widening the gap to be the number one hero and acknowledge that they need to catch up.

Remember that Todoroki and Bakugo are taking a special course to receive their provisional hero licenses since they failed at the tournament.

Eraser Head announces that Hawks, the number 3 hero, has invited Tokoyami to join his agency in front of the whole class. Tokoyami accepts and that prompts Todoroki to repeat that he and Bakugo are falling behind.

Kirishima is summoned Amajiki while Asui and Uraraka are summoned by Hado of the Big 3. Once again, Todoroki repeats that he and Bakugo need to catch up. This time, Bakugo screams to stop repeating the obvious.

Midoriya official joins Nighteye Agency the next day where he finds out about Kai Chisaki’s meeting with Shigaraki’s League of Villains. Nighteye orders them to trail him without getting involved.

After the credits, Midoriya (Deku) bumps into a little girl while patrolling. She was being chased. He finds that Chisaki is standing right behind her and just like that the work-study begins.

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