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Fire Force: From Whom the Flames Burn | 1 x 14 (recap)

In the previous episode of Fire Force, chaos over took the town of Asakusa because infernals keep popping up and street fights are breaking out due to the imposter towns people. To start episode 14, Konro finds Benimaru and tells him that he needs to rally the people.

Benimaru thinks that Konro should rally the people because he is only able to burn things down. Konro gives him a speech about the people of Asakusa and how they need Benimaru to be their leader during this time.

From Whom the Flames Burn

Benimaru detaches a watch tower from the ground in order to get the citizens attention from the sky. He tells the villagers that imposters have over run the village and order the towns people to beat each other up, while company 7 and 8 takes care of the infernals.

“It’s a Fight Fest!” – Villagers

Meanwhile, Shinra and Arthur continue to fight the White-Clad members Haran and Arrow. Haran eats one of the infernal bugs and it turns him into a demon. Benimaru sees the demon spawn from the sky and decides that he needs to fight him.

While still facing off against Shirna, Arrow tells him that he has the Adolla Link. She claims his flames are the fires meant to destroy mankind.

Arthur and Shirna have a very hard time keeping up with the Demon Haran, but Benimaru arrives to take him on. He tells them to stand back because he has to fight the demon infernal alone.

Maki, Tamaki, and Hikage find Hinata retalitating against the people who took her Kimono because she felt cheated. They bargained to give her candy in exchange for her kimono, but she feels they didn’t not give her enough. After linking back up, Hinata and Hikage team up to burn the village imposters.

Back at Benimaru’s fight. Arrow aims to shoot Benimaru from behind. Konro tries to stop her, but his illness keeps him from being able to reach her. He cries out to Shinra to protect Benimaru after having a flash back of Shinra telling him to ask for his help.

Arrow shoots her flame arrow to attack Benimaru. Shinra pushes himself to catch up to her flame. He screams that his flames are going to protect mankind and kicks the arrow flame out of the way. Shinra’s interference allows Benimaru to weaken Haran with a Sun Wheel attack and finish him off with a Crimson Moon (Konro’s finishing move).

Arrow and the other White-Clad leave with the knowledge that a second demon can be born in the same spot (Remember Konro and Benimaru faced one in Asakusa in the past).

Shinra catches Benimaru as he falls out of the sky exhausted from battle and the clean up of the town begins. By morning, a lot of the work is finished.

Maki and Hinawa report that the company they believed to be involved with Evangelists burned all the evidence that could connect them. With this knowledge, company 8 prepare to leave the town. Konro and Benimaru offer sake as a sign of company 7 and company 8’s friendship to end the episode.

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