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Fire Force: S01, E08 | Infernal Insects (recap)

The episode starts with a mysterious figure vowing to the Evangelist (whoever that is) that he’ll find the Pilot Light. And then we get the epic opening theme. 

Hibana, Obi, and Hinawa discuss the research that they have on the infernos. Last episode, The Investigation of the 1st Commences, Hibana told Obi that she believes someone is creating the infernos. Her research concluded that, in all of her subjects, an insect was being introduced into the host’s body causing them to combust.

We catch up with Shinra who is still undercover with Arthur and a hand full of other Fire Soldiers investigating Special Unit 1. Hinawa shows up outside his bedroom window to get Shinra’s updated report because he has not been checking in with Obi (Special Unit 8’s captain). But he is also there with Hibana to figure out if the person creating infernos is in Special Unit 1.

After eating breakfast, an inferno alarm goes off for Special Unit 1. Everyone, including Arthur and Shinra, go to the scene. However, they are told by Karim to sit tight so they don’t confuse the squad. It is a 5 person combustion and they don’t know formations so they stand guard outside the scene. 

Rekka and Karim, Fire Force

They catch a glimpse of a man stumbling out of an ally and go to help him when they see an arm garbed in Special Unit 1 lieutenant clothes stretch out and stick a big in his back. This causes him to combust immediately. 

Shinra and Arthur chase after the culprit but run into Rekka and Karim. They back down so that they don’t blow their cover. 

Later, Arthur and Shinra follow a lead to Karim’s room where they find one of the empty insect bottles. Karim catches them and explains that he wanted to see if they were investigating the infernos as well. They may be on the same team. Karim, Shinra, and Arthur go to confront Rekka. 

Cut to Tamaki.

Tamaki, Fire Force

She is luring little kids to Rekka so that he can teach them how to fight becoming an inferno through prayer. However, unbeknownst to her, Rekka is just turning them into infernos. 

He was the mysterious person vowing to find the Pilot Light for the Evangelist. He planned to use Tamaki and frame the activities on her.

Tamaki tries to stop him but ends up getting stomped. Rekka turns a woman into an inferno and kills her immediately and then turns another little boy named Taku into one, but he doesn’t combust. 

Shinra, Fire Force

Rekka exclaims that he’s found the Pilot Light, but will continue to experiment on the remaining children. Tamaki is helpless and calls out. Luckily, Shinra was surveying the area from the sky and was able to arrive on the scene, stomping his foot in Rekka’s face, and stall his treacherous deeds by the end of the episode. 

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