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Beastars | After 12 episodes (Netflix)

Beastars is a manga series picked up by Netflix and released in April of 2020 as an Anime. It features a variety of animals broken up between carnivores and herbivores who attend a boarding school, Cheeryton Academy.

The main plot involves a wolf named Legoshi, who stays to himself and consistently resists his inner beast. However, he falls in love with a girl named Haru, a promiscuous rabbit. After he meets her, his emotional stability begins to falter because he can’t tell if he wants to devour her or be in a relationship.

In addition to the main story, herbivores are being devoured, and the initial introduction to Legoshi would have you consider him the culprit. As the season progresses, several characters become suspicious, including Juno (another wolf) and Bill (a bloodthirsty tiger).

Another added layer to Beastars includes Louis, a deer attempting to gain the title of Beastar. However, he has a tragic history. As a result, his character is cold and arrogant. The only time he shows any affection is during his secret relationship with Haru (if you can call it that) and when he is center stage in drama club.

He and Legoshi have issues with each other as a result of both of their affections for Haru, but when Haru is kidnapped to be devoured by a carnivore mafia head, their differences show.

Legoshi attempts to save Haru, while Louis falls back at the mayor’s request, who knows about his tragic past. Legoshi’s sacrifice to save Haru reveals his true motivation and feelings for Haru. The two attempt to forge a relationship even though their animal instincts force the opposite.

However, Louis finally stands up against his past. Haru is not a real priority for him, but becoming his being is.

Is Beastars worth watching?

In all honesty, this anime has its outright uncomfortable moments. Luckily, there is a TV-MA stamp to alert squeamish viewers.

I may have missed it, but unless we (the viewer) are supposed to assume that every herbivore being devoured by the carnivore mafia, we never find out who ate the initial casualty, Tem in the first episode.

Legoshi and Haru’s connection felt forced at times, but the resolution of their relationship ended rationally.

There is no big twist or a huge OMG moment. It’s all laid out for you as you watch, which is fine. Beastars wasn’t one of my favorites, but everything isn’t for everyone, and that’s my honest opinion.

There was a season scheduled for release in the next two years. Perhaps I’ll find interest moving forward.

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