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My Spy (2020) Review | Amazon Prime Video

Dave Bautista’s newest project, ‘My Spy’ on Amazon Prime Video, was a family-friendly film with a story of a man, JJ, from the military, making a transition into spy work. While he’s not good at spying, he is excellent at fighting. His physical skills gain him high praise from coworkers, but his lack of tact gets him demoted to a stakeout job accompanied by Bobbi, his technical genius.

Somewhere along the line, he meets a young child (Sophie) and her mother (Kate). Of course, they are at the center of the investigation he is on, and several feel-good moments (and bad decisions later), JJ finds himself and his partner fired for breaking orders.

However, because this is a feel-good film, JJ returns to Kate and Sophie after growing to love them as a family to explain why he suddenly entered their lives. Kate, rightfully angry, insists that JJ leave their lives for good. But JJ isn’t far away when Sophie is kidnapped by her mob boss uncle (Marquez), who is looking for “the goods” his brother (Sophie’s father / Kate’s deceased husband) left behind.

Kate and JJ chase after Marquez and corner them at a private airstrip. JJ successfully recovers Sophie, and they destroy Marquez while keeping the evidence he was after to help JJ and Bobbi reclaim their jobs.

I assume they all lived happily ever after.

My Spy was a fun film, Bautista’s stark, stoic, and sarcastic comedy works well in contrast to Kristen Schaal’s (Bobbi) quirky personality. Plus, can anyone resist a movie about reclaiming the soul?

It’s a cute movie to relax and watch with your family. I’d put it in the category of Vin Diesels ‘Pacifier’, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s ‘Tooth Fairy,’ and John Cena’s ‘Playing With Fire.’

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