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My Hero Academia:Let’s Go, Gutsy Red Riot | 4 x05 – recap

Last week’s episode focused on Deku’s first experiences during his work-study with Sir Nighteye. He ended up coming across Kai Chisaki (Overhaul) while on patrol with LeMillion. This week, we have more focus on other Class 1-A students in U.A and their work studies.

Uraraka and Sue work are working with Nejire Hado of the Big 3 in their work-study for Ryuko Tatsuma. Their appearance is brief, but we find out that Tatsuma has agreed to work with the Nighteye agency to investigate Overhaul.

Shigaraki finally meets with Overhaul to agree on the terms of their merger. Shigiraki says that the League of Villains will not work for him permanently, but they will help him for the time being. He agrees to let Overhaul use the group name, but they will act as independent contractors and make their own decisions. 

Shigaraki also demands to know what the dart guns contain. These guns have been circulating in the streets through low criminals and Decay wants to know more about them and Overhaul’s plans moving forward. 

We’re left hanging on a cliff hanger and do not see Overhaul and Shigaraki again in the episode. 

However, we do see Kirishima. He has joined Tamaki Amajiki (Hero name: Suneater) of the Big 3 in the Fat Gum agency. Fat Gum, Suneater and Kirishima (Hero Name: Red Riot) patrol the city streets at night when a fight breaks out. Fat Gum and Suneater manage to get the situation under control, but a cowardly criminal uses the dart gun circulated by Overhaul to shoot Suneater effectively making him lose his powers momentarily. 

Red Riot chases after him and engages in a fight with him. The fight escalates and the criminal uses a serum to enhance his powers. Eventually takes him down using Red Riot Unbreakable, his special move. Unfortunately, Red Riot is still a little naive and the criminal almost gets away. Luckily, Fat Gum is there to secure the villain’s capture. 

In the cut scene, Midoriya still worries about Eri, Overhaul’s daughter.

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