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Fire Force: Black and White and Gray | 1 x17 – recap

This episode continues with Giovanni slamming his cane on Vulcan’s invention. He eventually breaks the creation into little pieces revealing the key of Amaterasu.

Hibana arrives on the scene in time to save Shinra. Once she unties him, he darts to the compound to save Vulcan and his friends. When he bursts in the door he finds Vulcan battered on the floor, Giovanni holding the key, Iris tending to Yu (who was shot in the last episode), and Lisa in alliance with Giovanni.

Shinra engages in a fight with Lisa. Her fire is magnetic and attaches to whomever she is fighting against. Vulcan instructs Iris to hit a load of buttons on his wall that releases a bunch of small magnetic doll heads.

The doll heads attack Lisa, and even end up hitting Hibana (who has arrived at the compound to assist Arthur) in the head and knocking her out. Luckily Hibana knocked out Flail and Mirage of the White Clad beforehand.

Shinra has an adolla link with his brother who has shown up to collect him. Sho recognizes Shinra as his brother but feels nothing but “disgust”. Shinra tries to reason with Sho, but after Sho examines Shinra he knocks him down.

Arthur tries to rescue Shinra but gets chopped down as well. Sho defeats eventually defeats Shinra. He tells Flail and Mirage to collect Shinra and kill the rest. Luckily, Viktor Licht arrives on the scene with a truck a rescues everyone before the White-Clad can complete the mission. However, Giovanni did retrieve the key though.

“Woah there squirt, I can’t let you have him yet!” – Joker

As the group is leaving, Vulcan calls out to Lisa to come with them. She reaches out but pulls back before he can grab her. Just as the 8th seems to be escaping, Sho appears in front of their truck. Joker appears out of nowhere to fight him and allow the escape. (Remember that Viktor knows Joker).

The 8th go to the hospital to get Yu and Arthur treated. Shinra convinces Vulcan to come to the 8th as a guest to keep himself safe. Obi follows up with an offer to Vulcan to join as an engineer whenever he decides. After visiting his father and grandfather’s grave, Vulcan decides to join the 8th.

With the events at Vulcan’s workshop over with, Shinra vows to save Sho who is aligned with the Evangelist.

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