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Angel Has Fallen is a action-packed end to the summer (review)

The Fallen Series has a new release with Angel Has Fall. It came out on Friday, August 23, 2019, three years after London Has Fallen and I don’t think that it disappointed. The film does a great job with aging the main character Mike Banning along with the story creating a believable arc for his character.

Plot Setup

Banning and Trumbell, Angel Has Fallen

Long-time secret serviceman, Mike Banning is told by his doctors that he needs to retire. He is taking pain medication and he is a new father as well ( recall London Has Fallen). His wife doesn’t know that he is struggling with pain because, in stories like this, the wife is always oblivious. However, she can tell somethings wrong just not the extent.

Even though he is in pain, he is still dedicated to his job as the President’s head secret service. After talking with his friend Wade, he decides to apply for director of secret service

Meanwhile, the President is catching a lot of heat for attempting to work on foreign policy. He feels the US is too complacent with war so he wants to change things because the troops are spread too thin under the status quo.

He leaves home on a fishing trip with the President and is promoted to director of the secret service. The news gives him a mild panic attack, even though he stated that he wanted to be the director. He ends up staying on land while the president goes out into the lake with another serviceman.

However, the enemy is closing in unbeknownst to him and the president is a sitting duck when multiple drones attack and chaos begins. His entire secret service team gets blown up, Banning manages to save the president, and both Banning and the president end up in the hospital.

Banning wakes up in the hospital charged by the FBI for an assassination attempt on President Trumbull who is in a coma as a result of the attack.

Since no one can vouch for him, Banning is taken into custody, Martin James (Vice President) is sworn in as President and begins trying to wage war on Russia.

To make things worse, Banning’s escort gets compromised and he is broken out of his security transport. After cutting down every person in the goon squad, he notices people from a training exercise at the beginning of the movie. This confirms that Wade (his friend) is responsible for framing him. From there Banning has to figure out a way to clear his name while evading the FBI and his friend’s troops as well.

Best moments of the movie?

Mike Banning

Mike Banning continues to have layers to his character. If you recall in London Has Fallen, he was kind of invincible. In Angel has fallen, Banning is more fragile, but he’s still really cool and has amazing moments in the movie.

My favorite part of the movie involves a truck stop with a bunch of random goons trying to collect a reward. Banning doesn’t even beat them with weapon skill, he outsmarts them with brainpower.


The ending action sequence was amazing to watch. The stand-up fight scene at the end of the movie really attention-grabbing. It’s action packed and high intensity. Very well done. I also appreciate the directors choosing to do 1v1 at the end because it resolves the personal issue between friends. Overall, this movie was very well done. It’s a good watch and keeps your attention the entire movie.

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