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Fire Force: Those Connected | 1 x21 – recap

In this episode, we continue with the standoff between Lisa and Giovanni versus Obi and Vulcan. Lisa discloses that her powers were created using the engineered bug allowing the same flames that scarred her to heal her. Despite being captured, Obi and Vulcan try to convince Lisa that she is only a tool for Giovanni.

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Fire Force: The Blacksmith’s Dream | 1 x 15 – recap

In the last episode, the 8th and the 7th company became allies in the mission to find the corruption in the Fire Force. Yona and Arrow escape back to their lair where Shinra’s brother, Sho is waiting for them. They tell Sho about what happened in Asakusa and he decides that he needs to go with them to acquire Shinra because of his Adolla link.

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