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Fire Force: The Mightiest Hikeshi (s01, e11) – recap

We have a flashback about Hinawa, Obi, and Maki before they were in the Fire Force. Hinawa’s flashback shows him freezing up when his roommate transformed into an inferno in the Armed Forces. Obi was a regular Fire Fighter, they weren’t taken seriously by members of the Fire Force.

“I refuse to sit back and do nothing while the world burns down around me.’ – Obi

Obi, Fire Force

After finding out that the Fire Force members had a point system to have fun while putting infernos to rest. One inferno waited patiently for the fire force to put in to rest. This is the first time Obi and Hinawa worked together. Obi vows after that moment to create his own sector of the Fire Force.

The Mightiest Hikeshi

Benimaru, captain of the 7th, Fire Force

Back in the present, the 8th want to investigate the Evangelist in the 7th. They do not want to cooperate, but Obi barges in and makes their presence known. The captain, Benimaru and Shinra have a battle of words because Benimaru isn’t interested in tracking down the Evangelist.

Shinra challenges him to a duel, but one of the townspeople turns into an inferno. While putting him to rest, Benimaru tears his village apart. An old lady explains to Shinra that the townspeople only want to be put to rest by Benimaru’s hands if they combust.

Shinra, Fire Force

I think Benimaru will become a trustworthy ally once Shinra breaks his shell.

Fire Force: S01, E07 | The Investigation of the 1st Commences (recap)

Burns informs his group (Special Unit One) that the Special Forces fifth and eighth are doing joint exercises. Captain Burns says that Obi is making his move. I assume he talking about Obi’s plan to figure out what causes human combustion while taking down the corrupt special forces.

The Fifth and Eighth districts are hanging out together. Hibana seems very smittened by Shinra. The groups are enjoying their times together and Hibana offers her support to the eighth district because Shinra saved her when he “clobbered” her. So now she will share the information she knows to help the eighth in their mission.

“There is someone deliberately creating infernos.” – Hibana

In Hibana’s research she saw outliers the suggests someone is creating infernos. Every case of human combustion is not so, but some of her findings show this. They are mostly appearing around the Shinjuku district (the first district).

Obi and Hibana seal their alliance with a high five.

Obi assigns Arthur and Shinra an undercover assignment in the first district. Hibana will send someone from the fifth and reach out to other districts to join as well so that they don’t look suspicious.

They visit the first district cathedral with three members from the eighth, one member from the second, and one member from the fifth. The arrival is under the assumption of training.

Shinra challenges Cpt. Burns to a match and if he wins he gets to ask him a question. Burns agrees and offers his lieutenants (Karim, Rekka, and Foien) up for sparring partners as well.

Rekka Hoshimiya is the first lieutenant that goes against the second district member, Takeru Noto. During their fight, we see Noto summon multiple firebombs, form them into missiles, and launch them at Rekka. However, they are snuffed out by Lieutenant Karim using Thermo Acoustic Cooling in the form of a tuba.

Shinra thinks the lieutenants could be doing the artificial creation of infernos. But switches focus to square off against Burns with Arthur. Burns extinguishes Excalibur with a pinch of his finger. This leaves Arthur dumbfound and prompts Shinra to spring into action.

Welcome to training!

Shinra gives his best attacks but all he manages to do is scorch Burns’ clothing. Burns asks Shinra why he joined the Fire Force. Shinra explains that he wants to prevent fires from happening like the one that killed his mother and brother.

Burns states, “You have a long way to go” as he does a force attack without even moving and sends Shinra flying across the battleground.

Capt. Burns

As menacing as everything seemed when the undercover team arrived, by the end of the sparring session, the district one group encouraged Shinra and the rest of his team to keep working hard and make the best of the training available during their time in the first district. Plus, looking on, the first district lieutenants almost look friendly.

Fire Force: S01, E06 | The Spark of Promise (recap)

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