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Why should you watch Haikyu!! ? | Series Review

Haikyu!! is the most exciting sports anime that I’ve watched since 2016’s Prince of Stride. One reason is that it’s more than one season, but other reasons include its character development, choreography, and action.

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Is Designated Survivor worth binging? | review

Netflix recently released the third season of Designated Survivor. The show was previously on ABC, and I have to admit that I knew it existed, but I never watched it.

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Love, Chunibyo, & other delusions | Series Review

An anime all about a guy liking a girl but doing nothing about it because she comes off like a weirdo due to her infatuation with a “make-believe” fantasy world (also known as Chunibyo).

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Watchmen (2019) | Season 1 Series Review (HBO)

I decided to binge-watch HBO’s Watchmen (2019) after watching the first episode during the season premiere. I still remember the emotions that the first episode left me with. As a result, I decided to designate time to appropriately watch the series and write a full spoiler free season review.

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