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Destiny 2: Forsaken – Crown of Sorrow Raid Trailer reaction, Season of Opulence

I one hundred percent knew that the new Destiny 2: Forsaken raid Crown of Sorrow would end up being hive. Plus, I have this outrageous theory that somehow Savathun is involved in this. I mean she was in control of Riven in the Last Wish raid, so it wouldn’t be completely impossible.

Maybe Savathun is planning something to do with Calus.

Either way, I am excited for Season of Opulence to start tomorrow! I will be jumping in the raid too. As long as RNG is my friend. I’ll update you then.

Also, read my semi-preparation guide for Season of Opulence. It’s not to late to do some of the techniques I mentioned – Preparing for Season of Opulence (Destiny 2: Forsaken).


Bungie’s suggested day of grind.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (trailer review)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases October 25, 2019. It looks so good! The voice over of the solider talking about his duty is so compelling. My favorite line in the trailer has to be when the character says, “We get dirty, but the world stays clean. That’s the mission”. That was amazing.

I’m expecting story mode to make a come back in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare because that was very well put together. I wouldn’t expect so much emphasis on the solider if the player character wasn’t coming back.

Last week there was a little laughter after Activision revealed the title would simply be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare because we’ve had one of those. But, I’m looking forward to more current events and more of what makes Call of Duty special.

Update: Infinity Ward confirmed there is cross play for PC-console platforms! Plus no season pass.

Feels great man!

Preparing for Season of Opulence (Destiny 2: Forsaken)

Should you prepare for Season of Opulence? Good question!

Based on the trailer that just dropped, I’d think there is actually minimal preparation that you can do before the new season begins.

I understand top streamers have put together spreadsheets to maximize the amount of power you can gain in a short amount of time before the raid releases, but for some reason, I get the feeling Season of Opulence is not meant to punish players with hard and unbearable power grinds.

Is it possible that Season of Opulence is actually meant reward players for sticking with Bungie and the Destiny/ Destiny 2 franchise?

I watched the Destiny 2: Forsaken- Season of Opulence (trailer) that released earlier today and the wording in the trailer made it seem like power isn’t going to be an issue this time around.

We’ll be heading back to the Leviathan for treasure hunts, a 6 player activity, and a new raid. Minus the raid which always rewards with power items, it sounds like power items will be in abundance.

Before I saw the trailer, I decided that I would save up bounties and see if I could get the jump on a few weekly power bounties from Ikora, Petra, and Ada-1. Now after seeing the trailer, I don’t feel anxious about being able to gear up enough to join the raid day one.

But who’s to say? I could be wrong and come June 4th and we’ll all hit a power wall despite any preparation that we’ve tried to take.

To that, I ask…

Is not being completely overpowered on day one such a bad thing?

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