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How to beat General Cross in Rage 2 – Full strategy

I started playing Rage 2 two weeks ago. I wrote my initial thoughts piece about it the same week it came out. I posted my thoughts just as I reached the leveling part of the game for your Dagger faction in order to progress in the story.

My initial opinions of Rage 2 were positive. You can read the entire rundown about the beginning of the campaign in my previous blog – I’m playing Rage 2 and… (review).


The grind of leveling up the faction allies was fine. It’s what you can expect. The level requirement to continue forward with the main story was level five for Lily, Marshall, Kvasir, and Loosum.

After you reach level five with all of the Dagger allies, you can continue with the main campaign. You end up fighting with General Cross, the leader of the Authority before the final boss encounter.

Boss Fight:

It’s a complete fake out. It seems like you are in the final boss fight, but it’s actually the fight before the final fight.

Cross is a bullet sponge at first, but then a cool mechanic kicks in where you need to destroy his tech to stop his immunity.

Quick Tip:

In between killing the enemy mobs and shooting at Cross, you need to shoot the tech hanging from the machine.

That allows you to go straight for Cross. However, he was baiting us all along. He was only buying time while he prepared his new clone body.

Do you know what this situation reminds me of? The Sixth Day. Not plot-wise, but the way Cross keeps cloning himself to make himself “better” and transferring his memories into a different host in order to take over the world. That reminds me of the ending of The Sixth Day.

Cross ends up getting away in his new clone body, but we acquire his old head as a DNA sample to help Dr. Kvasir. Kvasir makes the Nanotrite serum to stop Cross from being able to clone himself.

The Authority Stronghold and Final Boss:

The final mission of Rage 2 involves infiltrating the Authority stronghold and killing General Cross. That’s the main goal. There are two parts to the break-in. The first part involves driving and the second involves going through mobs of enemies in a mini maze on the way to Cross.

This part felt a little unnecessarily prolonged, but I understand why it was there.

When you finally get to General Cross, he activates his gigantic body ogre beast extension. There are three phases to the fight. The mechanics mirror the same actions that you use to kill the regular ogres throughout the game.


  • Shoot the blue pods off the ogre’s arms
  • Kill Mobs
  • Shoot the blue pods off the ogre’s shoulders
  • Kill Mobs
  • Shoot the blue pod in the ogre’s face

Be mindful:

  • Pay attention to your ammo. It will run low or out on you in this fight.
  • Use your overdrive wisely. It will save you when you are in a bind.
  • Watch out for the ogre’s eye-blast. It will kill you.

After you finish the encounter, a cut-scene makes our player character stab Cross in the eye with the Nanotrite Virus and it infects us as well.

Lily comes to save us and it seems like the player character is probably going to die from the virus.

Roll credits

Dr. Kvaris is able to save us somehow. We wake up to all of the Dagger allies telling us there’s still work to be done and then we are inserted back into the open world to finish up side-missions and level up factions.

Final thoughts:

General Cross’ entire plan was to wipe out humans and replace them with clones. Our mission was to stop the creation of said clones and kill Cross because he killed Lily’s mother. In the process, I think we saved the world too.

That’s a pretty straight forward goal.

You have the option of keeping the game going after you finish the main campaign. And if you are like me and only did the minimum leveling for your Dagger allies so that you can move on with the story, you have plenty left to do.

The gun play feels great in Rage 2. It’s fast-paced and the combat is the best part. It’s a pretty solid and entertaining game.

I’m playing Rage 2 and… (review)

I’m a few hours into Rage 2 after its release date of May 14, 2019 by Bethesda. And I have to say I’m enjoying myself. I haven’t finished the story, there are a few too many components for me to be finished in in just two days. But, I have reached two of the three Dagger Allies so I can speak to what I have experienced. There are some minor spoilers, not many because I haven’t finished the game, but just be aware.


As the player character, we are pushed right into the story with some minor tutorial bits to help you keep moving. But then you see one of your comrades get his head bitten off by a huge ogre of some sort. Then we put on his gear because… why not.

Now we’re a Ranger despite our aunt trying to keep you out of that life, or so we thought.

Turns out our Aunt Prowley actually trained us up for the mission we are about to embark on. And through a pre-taped message via hologram, we find out she planned for us to take over the mantle of Ranger in the event of a catastrophic event like the one that just took place resulting in her death at the hands of General Cross and the Authority.

She sends us on a mission to reunite the Daggers, acquire superhuman abilities using the Arcs and save the world through the power of grinding for abilities, money, XP and gear upgrades!

Our close friend, Lily tells us not “mess” people over because we’re a Ranger so we have to act like. I got excited about this line because it makes me think the actions and choices I make in the game will have weight on how the game plays out.

Getting started:

The first mission was very fun, I enjoyed just jumping into the story and not having to deal with a long drawn out tutorial. When you find an Arc and get a new weapon or upgrade your gear there is a training room you go in to try out the new item, but that works because how else can you learn to use the item or ability?

I also appreciated being reintroduced to the Authority, in a cut-scene before being dropped into this post-apocalyptic world.

I did think that I was going to get a straight forward approach to the campaign, but once I got to the first dagger I was faced with side missions before moving forward. That was fine. It makes sense to have to give a little to get a little. I did think that I’d be faced with a choice, remembering how Lily told me to make good decisions, but it was straight forward.

The Dagger allies want us to clean up something for them and then they will join our fight against the Authority. They offer plenty of support because everyone somehow is on the same COMS system. Completing the side missions opens up or completes the main story objective to keep the story going.

During a side mission for John Marshall, I did find a shotgun that pushes enemies back. It kind of reminded me of the tractor cannon in Destiny 2 except it doesn’t have void energy. Of course, it’s my favorite option.

The Grind:

The grind is there. The side missions assigned to you by Marshall, Kvasir, and Loosum take time but they are interesting and different from one another. For instance, Mashall’s missions are mostly combat, while Loosum asks you to infiltrate and spy. That helps break up the game and it doesn’t feel too bad.

It’s cool that we get to upgrade our weapons and our vehicle as with currency, which allows up to use them longer if we want. There are multiple types of currency in the game (auto parts, tokens, etc.). Usually, that would be annoying, but you gain your currency and materials as you play associated activities. Despite the grind that you have to do it’s not bad. Plus, upgrades are not that expensive, at least not this early in the game.


So far I am enjoying Rage 2. It’s giving me Max Payne vibes, but that’s probably just the apocalyptic scenery. Rage 2 has coordinated chaos. The world map opens up right after you finish the first mission. So you have the ability to start your journey wherever you want to and it will eventually lead you back to where you should be. At least I’m assuming.

I will say the arena mode under Loosum’s missions reminds me of Professor Genki from Saints Row III. But, I like Saints Row III so I didn’t mind.

The game is fluid. The way the story development continues with NPC’s outside of cut-scenes works really well. And I had fun laughing at the characters. Rage 2 doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. The humor is good, even when it’s not intended.

I’m going to keep playing and write an update at some point.

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