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Let’s catch up on My Hero Academia (season 2 recap)

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My Hero Academia season 2

At the start of the season, Deku struggles with trying to live up to All Might expectations after the fight with Tomura Shigaraki, Nomu and his villains left them outmatched. Luckily the All Might was able to hold off the group until the other pro-heroes showed up.

Class 1-A is informed by Eraser Head that they will be taking part in the Sports Festival. As the students prepare, All Might informs Young Midorya that his power is dwindling and he can only stay in hero form for 50 minutes.

He places the responsibility on Midoriya’s shoulders to take on the mantle of the next Symbol of Peace by showing out during the Sports Festival.

As the festival start gets closer, other students that Bakugou calls “Extra’s” are planning to use the festival as an opportunity to jump into the hero track. They have chips on their shoulders because Class 1-A had a real villain encounter and are in the spotlight as a result. Class A-1 starts training to standout at the tournament. Midoriya, Bokugou, and Todoroki want to stand at the top of the festival by the end.

After a series of obstacle courses to separate the cream from the crop, students are paired up to face one another in combat. Class 1-A rises to the top. Eraser Head theorizes that its because they’ve faced real danger before and know what it takes to move beyond fear and keep trying to succeed.

After experiencing Midoriya’s powers, Todoroki thinks he is All Mights love child. Todoroki states that his father, Endeavor. He’s the number two hero after All Might. Since Todoroki has discovered a connection between Midorya and All Might, he vows to surpass Midoriya the way his father could never surpass All Might.

There is still plenty of tournament left and Hitoshi Shinso (a student that wants to win the tournament and join the hero track). He has a brainwashing ability that renders Midoriya stunned after he replies to his insulting advances. Shinso plans to have Midoriya walk out of the ring while under his control.

But, the One For All users of the past jolt Midoriya’s body, breaking his fingers and breaking Shinso’s hold allowing him to win his battle and move to the next round against Todoroki.

Uraraka and Bokugou have a great battle despite the crowd feeling like Bakugou is a bully. Uraraka doesn’t win because her quirk ends up making her pass out.

By the time the final battles start, Midoriya and Todoroki go head to head in a battle that shows vulnerabilities with both of them. Deku still hasn’t figured out how to focus his power without drastically injuring himself. And because Todoroki does not want to use his fire quirk, he almost goes into hypothermia because he is excessively using his cold quirk. Todoroki ends up winning after engaging in his fire quirk causing Midoriya to end up out of bounds.

The fight with Midoriya gives Todoroki an epiphany. In his fight against Bokugou, Todoroki hesitates. But, with Midoriya cheering from the stands he engages but relents at the last moment allowing Bokugou to win the match and the tournament. He goes to visit his mom later in the season for closure.

Tenya Lida’s brother gets hurt by a villain causing him to leave the tournament early. The students pick their hero names. Originally, Bakugo nicknamed him Deku as an insult to mean that he can’t do anything. Midoriya thought long and hard about his name and decided to use Deku after his crush, Uraraka felt it was inspiring.

In the second half of the season, Class 1-A accepts internships to train and hone their skills. Midoriya goes to train with one of All Might’s previous teachers, Gran Torino. During his training, he begins to understand his One For All quirk.

There is a new villain causing havoc in the city. His name is Stain. Shigaraki from season one’s attack on U.A. is trying to recruit him into the League of Villains. However, Hero Killer: Stain is a purist and won’t join because he just wants to kill heroes that are in the business for the glory.

New Nomu’s start to attack the city and Gran Torino and Midoriya go to help. Midoriya figures out that the attacks are happening in the same city that Tenya’s brother was hurt. He goes to find him Tenya to stop him from giving in to his vengeance and attacking Stain. But Tenya is already in combat with Stain and gets paralyzed after stain tastes his blood. When Midoriya arrives he is able to stall Stain until Todoroki arrives (who is now using both of his quirks). Together, Midoriya, Todoroki, and Lida take on Stain and capture him. The pro-heroes arrive after the fact.

A Nomu grabs Midoriya and tries to escape, but Stain kills it and obtains Miydoria. Every hero nearby stood by without a gameplan. Stain noticed Endeavor and became filled with rage calling him a fake hero and proclaimed that All Might could only kill him. Stain stood tall until a broken rib pierced his lung and killed him.

All Might tells Midoriya about All For One and the quirk’s ability to take and transfer quirks at will. All For One the hero reigned over the world and created the League of Villains and began transferring his powers to people and when they could not handle it, they became mindless Nomu. Other quirks evolved when merged with All For One.

That is how One For All was created. One For All gave his younger (thought to be quirkless) brother an ability to bend him to his will. However, the younger brother had a passive quirk that allowed him to transfer powers. The U.A studies do not cover this part in history because of how dark a time it was.

Eventually, All Might inherited All For One and defeated One For All. But now, it is Midoriya’s turn to take down All For One as he grows stronger as the leader of the League of Villains. Midoriya accepts this responsibility. All Might neglects to tell Midoriya that he is dying.

Class 1-A start final exams of the school year. They face off against their teacher-heroes. A lot of the students use Midoriya as inspiration to keep pushing and pass their exams.

When Midoriya and Bakugou get paired together for the final exam, things start very rough. They manage to come up with a game plan to try and pass the exam. But, All Might notes that the envy, competition, and jealousy between one another will keep them from working effectively. Bakugou takes point on fighting All Might when Midoriya gets a back injury. Bakugou gets put down by All Might. Midoriya punches All Might with a smash, saves Bakugou and sprints to the gate to pass the exam.

Meanwhile, the villains continue to prepare for world domination with the League of Villains.

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