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IT: Chapter Two (2019) – review

Horror films are an acquired taste. Watching them offers a level of anxiety that I have to prepare for. Movies such as Sinister, Child’s Play (the 80’s version), and IT deal with supernatural hauntings and freak me out the most. 

Sitting down to watch a movie that aims to blatantly terrorize the unseen horrors that may or may not exist sucks. At least for me. Movies like IT creep me out so much that I had to send my friends to watch it before I would even think about sitting down and torturing myself. 

So I sucked it up and guess what. This movie is full of jump scares and creepy moments. Bill Skarsgård once again is the freakiest thing on the screen. The movie is very story-heavy, and you will be lost if you didn’t watch IT (2017). But the good news is, the almost 3 hours of run time was used well. 

The flashbacks in the movie were well placed. As someone who only watched IT (2017) once squinting through my hands, I appreciated the director’s thoughtfulness for the viewer. Some perspective is absolutely needed when watching this film and the flashbacks did that. Especially when you consider everyone watching this film may not have read the Stephen King book or the mini-series. The flashbacks do not make up for missing IT (2017), you’ll be lost, but like I mentioned the perspective helps.

The manifestation of childhood trauma and fears was used very well in this movie and the way that they turned that same manifestation on Pennywise in the end. 

Pennywise terrorized these children and used their fears against them when they were younger and technically they were still dealing with those effects as adults. Sure, they got away in the end on IT (2017) but IT: Chapter 2 (2019) brings them back to their hometown to face their fears once again. 

Luckily, through the power of positivity and a concept my dad likes to call “mind over matter”, these children (now adults) face their fears and banish the fear-eating spider-demon. 

All of the characters were heroes in this movie, but Mike is the one who stayed in his hometown and lived with his terrifying memories. His research leads to the Loser Club’s ability to defeat IT for good and allow everyone to get the closure they needed at the end of the movie. 

IT: Chapter 2 (2019) close to the IT saga. A very long but, epic saga that takes you on a journey with characters in peril. These characters were handicapped by the experiences of their childhood but gain redemption. I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t afraid while watching this film. I was. But, that’s just how I am with horror films. 

I Am (a disappointed) Mother (Netflix)

[This review was contributed by (AF).]

As I prepared for another binge-worthy journey into Netflix, I AM MOTHER flashed across my screen as an advertisement. I watched it without going for the skip button. So, reasonably optimistic and armed with a bowl of popcorn, I pressed play.


I am mother, Daughter, machine

The story is set in a hopefully uber distant future centered around an Android raising a child within a well-supplied iron fortress. As the child grows up, she becomes curious about the outside world and questions why her mother (the android) keeps her inside.

Enter Hillary Swank’s character known in the credits as woman. She is the catalyst for the young girl’s rebellion. The first act set up the movie with minimal exposition. It’s geared towards a timeline showing the child and machine’s relationship. Fast forward into adolescence and the Daughter presses the red button into action.

Now, I was ok with Clara Rugaard (the daughter) and her acting, but I thought the Swank factor would give me better quality. I was genuinely interested in the second act.

It had me saying “Really?” a couple of times.

Hilary Swank, I am mother

But ultimately, Rugaard and Swank didn’t have chemistry or maybe Swank was not happy with her Netflix movie. Either way, it showed in her performance.

Meanwhile, by the third act, the story was going down a weird path. It seemed like the directors realized they made a mistake and then tried to change directions. They added some smoke, dramatic lighting and slow walking to work in a twist try and save the movie.

Mind you, I was impressed with the computer graphics and constantly wondered, “How’d they do that?”

If you watch this movie, you are either going to be surprised or you’re going to roll your eyes at the forced surprise created by the directors. The end wasn’t executed cleanly. I didn’t accept certain character reactions and the story line pay off wasn’t enough for me, but I maintained my resolve to finish the movie.

False Artificial Intelligence

Swank, Ruggard, I am mother, Netflix

While watching this movie, I wondered if forming an attachment to a machine without a heartbeat could make one feel loved. I love my car. I gave it a name and I talk to it like it’s my baby. I repair it, take care of it and in some weird way, I feel satisfied that beyond the Sell By Date, she still works.

Our human need for companionship and familiarity, at the risk of being hurt, is based on our emotional motivation to acquire a genuine connection. Are we taking for granted that living things are the only entities that desire a connection?

Movies constantly portray the evolution of artificial intelligence as a killing enigma with a growing consciousness and essential affection for a special human. For example, The Terminator, Ex Machina, Her, I Robot and now this movie.

Yes, we always, in the end, are unable to coexist. It’s scary that we keep telling a story about trying to form a connection with a heartless machine.

I AM MOTHER isn’t the next Birdbox, so better luck next time Netflix.

Is Hobbs and Shaw the next generation of Fast & Furious? (review)

I’ve heard mixed reviews about The Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw. At first, I wasn’t going to watch it. In my humble opinion, the Fast and Furious franchise is nearing the end of its life and should have left me crying when Brian O’Conner road off into the sunset.

However, I understand that some people don’t share that opinion and are excited to expand the Fast and Furious franchise. That brings up to Hobbs and Shaw.

I am very surprised that in this movie, there are no character cameos from other Fast and Furious movies. I would of at least expected Vin Diesel to be around in some form. But there were no winks to the other characters in Fast and Furious even existing in this world.

That being said, it was an entertaining movie. At times it felt like this movie was based on Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson life and they just added a little fiction to throw viewers off the scent.

Winks to ‘the people’s eyebrow’, mentions of clanging and banging, eating a huge stack of pancakes on a cheat day, and going back to Samoa. It all seems very Dwayne Johnson. However, Shaw’s (Jason Statham) character was pretty straight forward.

The best part of the movie may have been the one-liners. They were terrible at times but funny. Plus, we were treated to cameos from Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart. And, the funniest scene of the movie had to be the moment when Hobbs and Shaw were infiltrating the lair of the big bad and had to use the enemies face to gain access.

Moments from this scene were used in the trailer, but I legitimately belly laughed through the entire scene.

So what about the story?

Shaw’s sister (Hattie) is in MI6 and transporting a dangerous virus that could wipe out the world. Brixton (Idris Alba), a former mate of Shaw’s, attacks her unit to retrieve the virus for the big bad but fails because Hattie (Vanessa Kirby) injects the virus in herself to prevent him from getting it.

Hattie becomes a person of interest because the narrative is that she stole the virus and killed her unit. Hobbs and Shaw are deployed by their agencies to catch her and rectify the situation.

They end up meeting with a Russian scientist who tells them how to remove the virus. But the technology gets broken in an effort to escape the lair of the big bad. They end up going to Samoa because Hobbs’ brother is a tech genius. He fixes the machine and begins the virus extraction just in time for the enemies to attack the village.

There is a huge fight scene and a car chase which brings Hobbs, Shaw, Hattie, and Brixton face to face in a final battle. Brixton ends up losing even though technically he should have one. The big bad fries his brain, he falls off a cliff, and the heroes save the day.

Sequel and Fast & Furious Future

I’ve heard there will be a sequel to this movie. That makes sense because we never find out who Brixton’s boss is. Plus, I hated the way Idris’ character went out. Perhaps Brixton will come back as an ally in the next movie. It’s happened before in the franchise.

The movie is an action blockbuster. It did what it was supposed to do. It gave us an action-packed movie with funny moments. In my opinion, it hasn’t captured the magic of the original series. But, if Fast & Furious is finishing up, maybe Hobbs and Shaw’s buddy relationship will be a good replacement.

Why did I wait so long to watch Shazam!? (review)

I’ll tell you a key reason why I usually watch movies, television, and anime without reading reviews or checking hashtags for opinions.

Sometimes those opinions can turn into your own. If you watch something for yourself, you can have your pure thoughts on whatever it is you are watching.

Unfortunately, I didn’t watch Shazam! July due to other people’s criticism. That’s why I waited so long to watch it.

Shazam! came out in April 2019 and guess what, it was good!

Sure, I was more interested in the young Billy Batson’s progression versus his escapades as Shazam. But, his entire story arc was good.

Billy Batson
Billy Batson

We meet Billy in a very vulnerable state. He’s looking for his mother, he doesn’t trust anyone, and he’s thrust into a new environment when child services catch him in Philadelphia following a lead on his mother.

From there we meet the best part of Billy, his foster family. Most specifically his brother, Freddy. The chemistry between Freddy and Billy is great. They came off as bonded friends throughout the movie.

Billy and Freddy, Shazam!
Billy and Freddy

And the family’s positive and welcoming behavior throughout the movie made it easy to believe that he would trust them at the end of the movie to become his partners and fight the supervillain.

Dr. Thaddeus Sivana
Dr. Thaddeus Sivana

Speaking of the villain, Dr. Thaddeus Sivana was creepy and the 7 deadly sins were well designed. Plus, it was nice to see Philadelphia used in this type of film. You never really see it.

This movie had a lot of funny moments. However, the suit was not one of them. It threw me off. At one point it seemed like the writing poked fun at the suit.

There’s a moment where Billy is at the dinner table with his foster family and a comment is made about the suit Shazam is wearing. Billy responds that the superhero may not have had a choice in his outfit.

Freddy and Shazam!
Freddy and Shazam!

That is a funny way for the writing and directing staff to poke at itself. But seriously, you’re in a franchise where Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman have sleek, shiny suits. Shazam needs a better look in the sequel.

Besides the suit, I enjoyed the movie. I wish I hadn’t let people tell me it was too campy. Because it wasn’t. It was funny at times and heart-warming at other times. And it’s worth a watch.

Batman: Hush (review)

The last Batman movie I watched was a Nickelodeon special called Batman vs. TNMT. It is a very family-friendly, kid-safe movie. It was funny and I enjoy my time watching it for the most part.

However, Batman: Hush is a different story. This is 100 percent adult content. It shows Bruce Wayne/Batman in a new light that I don’t even think I saw in Batman: The Killing Joke.

It had all of the favorites make an appearance. We see Cat Woman, Harley Quinn, the Riddler, Bane, Scare Crow, even Poison Ivy made an appearance and I rarely see her. That was a cool surprise. Plus, the Joker was amazing. Even though his showing in this film was brief, it was entertaining and true to form.

Nightwing (Dick Grayson) was around and so Robin (Damian Wayne). Damian by far had the best conversation with Bruce Wayne! The father-son dynamic there was hilarious.

Even Supermans appearance was cool. I will always have a little bit a problem with him though. He’s so over powered. I’ve mentioned this before in my opinion piece about Aquaman being the best DCEU character right now. Superman’s abilities allow him to do almost anything and yet he’s bamboozled, undercut, and vulnerable a lot of the time. I’ll never understand the logic. You’re super, be super!

Batman: Hush cover

But back to the movie.

Batman: Hush touches on adult subjects like drugs flooding into Gotham City, i.e. heroin. This movie heavily deals with death as well. And Batman even fails to escape routine obstacles that he encounters during this movie.

Routine for Batman I mean.

I won’t spoil it, but there is a point in the movie where Batman is doing a routine activity and he ends up getting massively hurt. I wasn’t expecting that. It catches you off guard, but it motivates his character as Bruce Wayne to make changes in his life and seek out a substantial relationship with Catwoman.

Batman and Catwoman, Batman: Hush

Hush was an anomaly for most of the movie. It’s a huge surprise when you find out who he is. I will admit, I didn’t read the book, so I didn’t know anything about the story. I thought I knew the villain’s secret identity from the start and I was completely incorrect. But, when the actual villain was revealed I was a little let down due to the circumstances. I just thought it was sad.

Overall, it is a great movie and I suggest you see it when you can. It’s available on DVD now. It came out on July 20, 2019. It’s a thriller and if you are a Batman fan, I think you will appreciate this tone.

Stuber: Best buddy cop movie of the summer? (review)

You may find this a surprise, but I enjoyed Dave Bautista during his wrestling days with WWE. He’s played in some great roles since then, like Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy most notably. But I was intent on seeing Stuber because I knew it would be a good showing for Bautista who plays Vic Manning in the film. I was not wrong. For me, Dave Bautista was hilarious in this movie.

The comedy in Stuber was spot on! I genuinely belly laughed during this movie. I enjoyed the ride. Seeing how this buddy comedy begins by Vic Manning’s daughter, Nicole, scheduling him an Uber.

Stu, played by Kumil Nanjiani, was very true to life in how he reacted to the circumstances he was thrust into. How would you react if a cop got in your car and pretty much made you take him into dangerous neighbors while he investigated drug deals and cop killers?

“You give people glocks instead of love!” – Stu

Stuber (2019) Bautista and Kumil

Vic and Stu’s dynamic was hilarious. Vic is very brutish for a lot of the movie, but you start to see Stu crack his shell because they are opposites and the friction they have with one another brings them closer.

Stu is 100 percent out of his element, but somehow gets acclimated to Vic’s police antics very quickly. Their relationship progresses throughout the movie until they finally become friends.

The entire movie was great, but the fight at the animal hospital and the fight the outdoor store were my favorite moments in the movie. I liked these moments the best because they triggered key development in Vic and Stu’s relationship.

I also thoroughly enjoyed that Vic held his squinting expression throughout the majority of the film. How was he supposed to know his informant would call the same day he got Lasik eye surgery? The story is compelling and I love the bread crumb explanation that we get during the climax of the film to tie everything together.

Overall, this is a great funny movie. I think it’s the best buddy cop movie I’ve seen in a while. I’d definitely recommend going to see it if you want to have a good laugh.

Opinion: Netflix should bring Max back

Sometimes when I log on to Netflix or any streaming service for that matter, I can get overwhelmed by making choice on what I want to watch. I’m not that old, but I am old enough to remember when the TV Guide channel had a set list of what was coming on that night.

And if you didn’t like it, maybe you’d read a book.

When I log on to my platform of choice now, unless I already know what I’m looking for, I need a magic 8-ball to tell me what to watch.

There are so many options and that’s great. But can somebody break things up for me?

I’m focusing on Netflix right now because I remember when the service offered Max.

Get the Max with Netflix!

Get the max with netflix

There are so many options on Netflix. How am I supposed to find things when I don’t know what I’m in the mood for?

When I had my PlayStation 3, Max would always help me out.

Picture yourself on a lazy night. You want to relax so you turn on Netflix and prepare for a night of entertainment. But then, you see 18 different categories, a bunch of suggestions for shows or movies you’ve already seen, and stuff that you’re not even interested in.

Then you click on Max, artificial intelligence embedded in Netflix and ready to help make your life simpler. You hear a cute little jingle, he asks you a few questions and BOOM, you’re watching a Korean drama that you didn’t know existed and you’re having a great time!

That’s why Netflix should bring back Max! There are so many choices and those suggestion categories do not help, but Max can. My experience with Max always positive and helped pinpoint a show or movie that I give a try without having to surf for an hour before starting to watch something.

So Netflix, feel free to bring Max back at any time.

Netflix logo

Review: Child’s Play (2019)

When the Child’s Play (2019) trailer released in April of this year, I watched it. As a result, I freaked out. Who in their right mind would want to bring the concept of Chucky into 2019? Do we really need to give a psychopath serial killer like Charles Lee Ray the ability to connect to the cloud and reign terror as a Bluetooth connected doll?

Apparently not because Charles Lee Ray isn’t a thing anymore. In fact, Chucky, as we knew him, is not a thing anymore either.

Instead of a serial killer on the brink of death putting his soul into a good guy doll, Chucky is now a robot doll plus Skynet. He’s essentially a terminator.

Remember when John Connor tells T-100 not to kill people, so the T-100 decides to maim people instead? Think that but with a doll and the doll doesn’t listen.

Spoilers ahead

I won’t go too deep into the spoilers because this story was very involved. Kaslan Industries creates the newly named Buddi doll and distributes them across the world. But, not before a disgruntled employee removes the safety code from a doll being assembled.

So right away, we lose a lot of the mystic. Chucky is all artificial intelligence.

The defective doll makes it to Andy Barclay as a birthday present from his mother. The Buddi doll imprints on Andy and wants to be his friend until the end.


At first, Chucky is fine, he and Andy get close and Andy even starts making other friends in his apartment building. Then there is a situation where Andy’s cat scratches him. Chucky gets mad that the cat hurt Andy and kills it. Andy tells Chucky to kill, but he doesn’t listen.

There’s also a situation where Andy’s mom (Karen) has a boyfriend (Shane) and he’s a complete bully to Andy. Shane’s treatment of Andy prompts Chucky to kill him.

At some point, Chucky gets territorial over Andy and decides he can’t have any other friends. So he tries to kill them. He even murders an old lady in a self-driving Uber.

A big battle-royale of sorts takes place in Zed-Mart, the store Karen got the doll from initially, and all of Andy’s human friends help him destroy the doll.

However, I’m pretty sure Chucky uploads himself into the cloud of Kaslan since he was already connected to all Kaslan products and there will be a sequel.



Was I a bit disappointed that the reboot took such a technical approach to the Child’s Play idea? Kind of. Here’s why.

The OG Chucky was completely horrifying. He had personality, he had a motive for stalking Andy, and the supernatural aspect of Charles Lee Ray is much more terrifying than a robot turned bad.

This is coming from someone who lost sleep as a child in the 90s because of the Child’s Play franchise.

Granted, Mark Hamill’s voice is the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard in this role. Plus, the film was shot wonderfully. But, if you are going into this film thinking about your childhood, I’d say don’t do that. Wipe your mind fresh and then tell me what you think.

Opinion: Fantastic Four (2015) in retrospect is a sci-fi horror film

After watching Dark Phoenix, I was not blown away by the story and felt that certain story arcs should have been explored more to help with certain character development. I wrote a full review about it here.

I don’t feel like I was overly critical because I’m a glass half full kind of person. So even though I wasn’t blown away, I’d never say Dark Phoenix was bad. I just figured that the reboot may have been wrong for this point in time.

I mean this is an era of superhero movies that evoke tears! This is an era where people rewatch and rewatch until every easter egg and theory has been explored. Some times, the type of connection that fans have with a film could cause it to be re-released in theaters only one month and some days after the initial release.

Cough cough, Avengers: Endgame.

Dark Phoenix didn’t evoke that.

That being said I decided to go back in time to 2015. To a time when the world saw a reboot of another story about the Fantastic Four.

Previously, in the 2005 version, it was a story about 2 scientists, a researcher, an astronaut, and a pilot journeying into space to experiment with cosmic energy against the better judgment of certain party members. They get caught in a storm that turns them all into superheroes. Right away three out of the four participants use their powers for good, the fourth one eventually comes around and the Fantastic Four save the day while the fifth powerful being goes rogue.

The film was light-hearted enough. No real consequences that interrupted the flow of the world. Plus at the end of the day, the Fantastic Four stood victorious and all was well.


Now that we’re up to speed, let’s look at the most recent reboot.

Reviews for Fantastic Four ( 2015) weren’t the best. In fact, if you google the film you’ll see mostly negative reviews. But I watched it for myself four years later and I’ve come to the conclusion that we’ve been thinking about this all wrong.

This isn’t a whimsical story about superheroes. This is a sci-fi horror film!

Think about it.

Five teenagers who are under supervised with chips on their shoulders use their expertise in science to create a portal to an unknown planet. They have no respect for authority, barely get along with each other, and of course, there is a love triangle involved.

The lack of supervision gives them time to set up an exploration of the unknown planet and when they arrive there is an unknown entity waiting to pounce.

Student number one gets crushed by rocks, student number two is burned alive, and student number three is presumed dead after falling off a cliff into an acid lake.

While trying to bring their ship back,, student number four gets infected due toa blowback blast causing her to go into a coma. And student number five seemly gets away without an issue until he realizes that he is permantly deformed.

Student number five flees after the four surviving members of his group are captured by a private sector of the government. Pleagued by guilt due to the cost his friends have paid he leaves them to be experimented on by the government.

Eventually, the student who fell into the acid lake comes back when the adults, who weren’t paying attention in the first place, try to revisit the unknown planet. His skin is charred and he is unrecognizable. He’s seeking revenge. He’s being bent on death and destruction. He is no longer a human and now his only goal is to kill those who left him behind and destroy the earth by sucking it into a black hole.

See doesn’t that sound good?

Granted the end of the movie sees the four other teenage students band together to destroy the threat but, some horror films have happy endings too.

So next time Fantastic Four (2015) is on TV watch it with new eyes and tell me what you think.

Review: Murder Mystery (Netflix)

I decided to mix it up a bit for myself and watch something categorically funny. Adam Sandler is one of the funniest and most entertaining actors I’ve ever watched. So when I realized he had a new movie release on Netflix with Jennifer Aniston, I purposefully made time to sit down and watch it.

Murder Mystery is a perfect comedy! There are jokes upon jokes as soon as the first scene opens. The only way you aren’t going to laugh while watching this movie is if you don’t have a sense of humor at all.

Adam Sandler, as always, is so on point with the delivery of his jokes and Jennifer Aniston does an amazing job keeping up. Honestly, I related to her a lot in the film.

Her character, Audrey Spitz plays a wife/hairdresser with a healthy imagination because she reads a lot of Murder Mystery books. That fact ends up coming in handy when she and her husband Nick Spitz (Adam Sandler) get caught up in a scandal overseas.

Plus, Jennifer and Adam have so much on-screen chemistry. Everything is believable! Audrey and Nick have been married over a decade, they are a little bored, and they clearly need a spark. But they are still jealous for each other. So the interactions they have with characters like Grace (the sexy actress) and Charles (the rich attractive lord) are really funny.

This movie really surrounds two clueless unassuming Americans in a world they know nothing about. They’ve been invited by Charles to his families weekend of festivities in Monaco to a celebration for his uncle, Malcolm. Malcolm is an older man who means to leave all of his fortunes to his young new wife while cutting off his children and other close family members.

The lights go out and when they come back on Malcolm has a dagger through his chest.

I had so much fun trying to figure out who did it! This is the funniest “who done it” I’ve ever watched. I also appreciate the resolution of all of the open issues with Nick and Audrey in addition to the full explanation of who the killer was and why the killer did what they did.

I won’t spoil specific details, but I will say that this movie involves a redemption arc and a rekindled love through the experience of a lifetime.

Murder Mystery is definitely a fun movie that I would suggest.

Review: Dark Phoenix

Most of the time when I am going to watch a movie or any other type of entertainment, I try not to spoiler myself. This time was different. The story in Dark Phoenix could be considered some type of reboot because in the 2006 movie X-men: The Last Stand we met the on-screen version of Dark Phoenix played by Famke Janssen.

To my surprise, the 2019 reboot of Dark Phoenix played nothing like the 2006 version. I am not sure if that is a good thing. I left the theater thinking, is that how they wanted to end this rendition of X-men?

Spoilers ahead

I won’t go into the movie scene by scene because if you’re curious you should go see this for yourself. However, the lasting impression of Dark Phoenix was less than stellar for me. I don’t know if the directors did this on purpose, but most of the action parts of the movie can be seen in the trailer.

The movie itself had a slow start and when things finally did pick up, Jean Grey was so over the top and confusing. After taking in the Phoenix during a rescue mission in space, Jean just wakes up and is so stimulated that she wants to drink and party.


However, she ends up having a meltdown at the sight of fire. This causes her to send a shock wave out, almost kill everyone around her, and then pass out.


I understand the Phoenix power is something she can’t control. Her senses are heightened and so are her emotions. However, that does not explain why she is running around for the rest of the first half of the movie like a teenager with an attitude problem.

Jean is extra for no reason the entire time she’s under the influence of Dark Phoenix. Not once did I think, Jean really has no control. It always seemed like Jean was just irritated with people trying to help her, so she would throw a fit.

Example A, she kills Raven or Mystique (whichever name you prefer) while they are having a perfectly normal, non-threatening conversation.


Poor Raven. All she wanted to do was stop being in the X-men and live happily ever after with Beast.

Example B, she runs to Magneto’s compound where he is actually living happily ever after and brings the military to his doorstep. And while he’s trying to cover for her, she comes out and tries to kill everybody with a helicopter.


Magneto was legitimately trying to save you. Why would you do that?

Perhaps I never truly bought into the split personality in this movie. As I mentioned before, Jean Grey didn’t seem like she was changing personalities. She just seemed annoyed by everything. It was like the Phoenix powers acted on her impulse.

As a result, I was not excited when she went into space at the end and sacrificed herself to rid the world of the dark power. In my head, I was thinking, “You’ve been rude this entire movie, and I’m supposed to feel happy that you changed your mind?”


The most interesting part of the movie:

The most interesting part of the story, which did not get explored nearly enough, was the Beast having an issue with Xavier. Beast was mourning the death of Raven so he called Xavier out for not really caring about the gifted children and using them for self-gratification.

Before her run-in with Jean Grey, Raven also mentioned that Xavier was conceded and only using the X-men as a way to fit in with humans versus protecting the mutants. Raven planned on leaving the X-men but the whole Dark Phoenix thing happened.

After Raven’s funeral, Beast was upset that he didn’t let her leave when she mentioned it. He confronted Xavier about his use of the mutants. He said it’s not the world the gifted children need protection from, it’s Xavier.

That was actually the best part of the movie.

From what I gathered, Xavier is to blame for Jean Grey going off the rails because he didn’t pay enough attention to her while she was growing in power and angst. He was too busy trying to unite the world, which is why he couldn’t calm her down when she eventually went off the deep end.


Can we talk about how Beast can transform

There was a scene with Magneto and Vuk where he pointed a gang of guns at her and started lighting her up. It was a short scene, but it was exciting and I liked it.

Jean Grey did have a scene before she went out to space where she blew up a few henchmen and they dusted away. That was cool too.

Overall, Dark Phoenix isn’t in the top 20 of the best comic book movies created for the cinema. Maybe this reboot was best left untouched. The X-men have plenty of stories to tell and perhaps in the future, we will get to see them adapted to the big screen.

Opinion: You’re not invited to the X-Men Reboot with Disney and Marvel

Movie Review | Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Godzilla: King of the Monsters was a pretty good movie. I only watched one trailer before seeing the film and all I knew was Godzilla was going to be fighting other monsters.

What I didn’t expect was for the human element in this movie to be somewhat unrealistic. Granted, in a Godzilla film, there is always some corky scientist who thinks he can control the laws of nature. But this time, the corky scientist wanted to “restore balance” by destroying the entire earth.

Spoilers ahead

The entire story surrounded a broken family who lost their son in 2014 due to the Godzilla attacks. As a result of the attack, the United States, in particular, is in an uproar. The government wants to take control of a group called Monarch that specializes in tracking, monitoring, and finding monster species or Titans as they are referred to in the movie.

Our broken family that I mentioned earlier are scientists from the Monarch group and were heavily involved in the group when Godzilla attacked. Emma (the mother) buried herself in Titan work and Mark (the father) decided to study smaller animals after their son disappeared. Madison (the daughter) went with mom.


We meet up with Emma and Madison on site at a Monarch facility waiting for a Titan larva to hatch. As the Titan is hatching some unknown group bursts into the facility kills everyone except Emma and Madison and the larva escapes to cocoon itself in a waterfall.

Usually, this is normal right? Once Monarch finds out that their scientist has been abducted they’ll tell Mark and then we’ll spend the rest of the movie trying to save the day.

No, apparently Mark knows his ex-wife is some sort of wacko. They created an Orca sonar technology to speak with whales and recently Emma started using that technology to speak with Titans. Mark tries to tell her co-workers that there is some sort of trap going on. But they don’t listen.

So they proceed with Operation: Save the Crazy Scientist!

Emma and rogue militant, Jonah (the man who “abducted her”) find Monster Zero (or Blue Eyes White Dragon) in Antarctica and release him from his crypto-cell where he has been frozen for who knows how long. Turns out he’s not so friendly.

Godzilla, who has been minding his business for five years can sense Monster Zero is about to be a problem. So he swims to Antarctica and starts fighting it.

Meanwhile, Madison has a clear chance to get away from her captors and run to her dad, but she steps back with her mom. As a result, everyone almost dies, but no named characters do.

We find out the Mark was right about Emma being in on the terror. And during a facetime conference, Emma admits to planning this all along after she lost her son.

Her plan is to let the Titan’s take over the world. Her theory is that their radiation will restore the balance of nature and reset itself.


However, she didn’t realize that King Ghidorah also known as Monster Zero has plans of his own. So he starts calling out to all the other Titans. Even Titans that are still frozen wake up and start destroying everything.

Emma later regrets her decision to insight destruction after Madison runs off with the Orca sonar device.

Ghidorah has already started complete destruction and Godzilla is the only hope to regain some type of order.

There is a point in the movie where Dr. Ishiro blows a nuclear bomb up in Godzilla’s face to help him heal, but not before saying some kind words of encouragement.

I guess we’re supposed to believe that having that talk with Godzilla made him allies with the humans. But, really Godzilla just wanted Ghidorh out of his spot as Apex Predator. So it worked out for everybody.


I understand that the human element needed to be present in this movie. Otherwise, we’d have a bunch of monsters running around clashing with no real cause other than animal instinct.

However, it’s surpising that Emma would have taken such extreme action in her grief and never once second guess her plan.

What I will commend is all of the fighting sequences in the movie. The film makers did an amazing job making Godzilla feel like the mythical creature that he is. Godzilla’s fight with Ghidorah was really intense and fun to watch. The larva turned into a butterfly also known as Mothra and fought really well in a cool scene with Rodan (a pterodactyl type). And seeing all of the monsters reimerge from their slumber was genuinely an amazing sight.

Godzilla and the other monsters were the best part of the movie and unfortunately all the rest felt like filler.

Terminator: Dark Fate (theory and trailer review)

With Terminator: Dark Fate coming out in November 2019, we get to retcon everything made after Judgement Day. This works because this is a series based on time travel and changing the past and future. Plus, Linda Hamilton is back as Sarah Connor!

It looks like Sarah Connor is going to be the guide for us this time around. We have two characters on the run. One is an augmented humanoid who can regenerate named Grace and the other is Dani Ramos (a damsel in distress or so it appears).

You can hear Grace ask Sarah Connor why she cares about Ramos and she responds, “Because I was her”. So maybe Ramos is pregnant or fated to affect the timeline in some way.

Here’s a question.

In Terminator Judgement Day, Sarah takes John Connor and the Terminator to see old friends who will help them flee to Mexico. Is Dani Ramos a relative of those friends? If she is, that could be another reason Sarah feels the need to save her.

Also, where is John?

I noticed Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator) made a quick cameo in this teaser when Sarah’s group arrives at his cabin in the woods. Perhaps he is just a support character rather than the main Terminator this time around. He’s clearly not the same Terminator that saved John in Terminator 2: Judgment Day because we all remember the thumbs up scene. Please don’t make me cry.

Maybe Schwarzenegger is the Terminator that saved Sarah as a child. This was referenced in Terminator: Genisys.

Speaking of the Terminator, Gabriel Luna is playing the antagonist. His version of the terminator looks like it will allow him to clone himself in some way, as well as make knives and other sharp objects out of his body. That’s an interesting new take on the upgrades of a terminator this time around.

Take a look at the trailer below:

I’m always excited when a new Terminator movie is set for release. Yes, even the less stellar options in the franchise. I may not have been alive for the first Terminator release, and I’m certain I didn’t watch Terminator: Judgement Day until I was six. But, it is one of my favorite movies and the Terminator franchise is one of my favorites.

Toy Story 4 (trailer review)

For nostalgic purposes only I watched the new Toy Story 4 trailer and I was not disappointed. I’m kind of excited to see legendary characters from my childhood and meet some new ones.

Several moments stood out to me in this trailer. First, the energetic Duke Caboom! He is probably going to be the cheesiest character giving us Elvis, Johnny Bravo, and Evel Knievel all wrapped up in one. Plus, I am already on a Keanu Reeves high from John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum so that’s another reason.

Second, Woody is really standing out differently this time around. Instead of being a little jealous and considered Forky, he’s looking out for his new child and trying to get her favorite toy back, even if it is a spork with googly eyes and chenille stems on it.

Lastly, how hilarious are the plus dolls? The scene where they are brainstorming with Buzz Light Year is bound to be one of the best ones in the movie.

See for yourself.

Review: John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Watching John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum was such a treat. It has to be one best action/ martial arts films that I’ve seen for a while. In my opinion, John Wick 3 has outdone its predecessors and set up a need for the continuation of John’s story. I won’t spoil the entire story. But, minor plot points will be discussed below.

Minor spoils below

I will say that the adjudicator was the most annoying character in the movie. She represented the High Table for the duration of the film. I was waiting for her to get her comeuppance, but it never came. I’m sure she’ll pay a price in the next film.

Laurence Fishburn returned in this film as Bowery King and his charisma was cool and cocky as always. The adjudicator paid him a visit to judge him for helping John in the previous movie. He had a few parts, but his place in the film was definitely key and foreshadowed another sequel in the John Wick series as well.

Ian McShane also returned as Winston the manager of the New York Continental with Lance Riddick as Charon. I honestly did not see their heel turn coming. But after the adjudicator committed to taking the Continental away from Winston, a power play had to be made.

The best part of the film to me was the first act. We meet up with John 20 minutes before he is going to be excommunicated from the assassin community. He’s running around trying to tie up loose ends. It’s the audience and John until we’re interrupted by an assassin trying to jump the gun and claim the bounty early.

It’s non-stop fighting, non-stop action, and full of gasping moments that make you feel the pain John is inflicting on his enemies.

Eventually, John makes his way to his destination and meets up with a few old comrades. A few help him out of obligation and a few help him by force. But despite the High Table sending every assassin in New York City after him, John Wick makes it to Casablanca and pleads with the head above the High Table to spare his life. John ends up trusting someone he shouldn’t and it costs him big time.

I really enjoyed this film. Keanu Reeves and the rest of the cast must have been really committed during filming because I was able to suspend disbelief with no issues. A lot of times action films have something jarring happen that removes you from immersion. But, I was invested in the entire film.

Halle Barry and her puppies fit so well. It reminded me of a video game, John Wick being your player character and Sofia (Halle Barry) being the NPC that comes in super overpowered and with help from assassin dogs.

All of the fight scenes were so good and brutal. Marc Dacascos, known as Zero in the film, swapped between comedic, traditional, and serious attitudes seamlessly. He added a new dimension to the film that I was not expecting.

I was expecting to enjoy John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum and it fully exceeded my expectations. This film set up the continuation of the series without making it obvious from the beginning.

Batman: Hush (trailer review)

IGN released an exclusive trailer for the upcoming animated film Batman: Hush a few hours ago. DC Comics tweeted that it is coming out this summer.

The trailer came off to me as explicit to me. The content definitely feels mature. We have sensual flirting between Batman and Cat Woman and Poison Ivy is controlling Superman. It’s absolutely sexy and I don’t recall any other animated film of Batman giving me those vibes.

Feel free to let me know if I’m wrong in the comment section.

We are introduced to Hush the main villain in the movie and it turns out he does not discriminate. He is kind of uncomfortably seductive the way he plays mind games. He will manipulate heroes, villains and vigilantes. For what? I guess we’ll find out this summer.

I’ve put the trailer below. Enjoy!

Batman: Hush releases August 13, 2019

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