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Why should you watch Kakegurui?(Netflix)

Last season, Yumeko Jabami broke the wheel on the limits of gambling at Hyakkaou Private Academy. In the process of getting her gambling freak on, she empowered Ryouta Suzui with passion eliminating his destiny of mediocrity and broke Meari out of her pretentious shell using the power of friendship. She even pumped Itsuki Sumeragi up to high that she bit all of her nails off during an all in bet with Kaede Manyuda!

But most importantly, Yumeko reinvigorated Kirari Momobami (President of Student Council). The renewed excitement that Yumeko and Kirari shared set up season two for Kakegurui.

“Let’s get our gambling freak on!” – Yumeko Jabami


A compulsive gambler, Yumeko Jambi, turned the status quo on its head at Hyakkaou Private Academy last season when she transferred in. As a result, the student council president was inspired to hold a gambling democratic election to potentially seat a new president.

The election included transferring all of the heirs to the high seats in the Bami clan so that they could try to dethrone her as the future leader of their clan. And the twist is that no matter who ends up on top, be it Kirari herself or someone outside the clan, they will be the undisputed president of Hyakkaou Private Academy.

Why should you watch Kakegurui?

Every episode is unpredictable. The gambles that the students take part in sometimes make no sense and are clearly cheating traps. Then again, most of the gambling encounters in this series are full of deception, wit, and at all times crazy.

There’s one game where the participants are poisoned. Tell me how that is even okay.

You’ll find yourself asking, why a character would even accept the terms of certain gambles. Or you may ask my favorite question of the entire series.


Good luck figuring that out. That question is answered, so good luck catching the explanation.

I’d say more than anything, Kakegurui is a battle of the wits between the strongest characters in the show with a little bit (at times a lot) of insane sprinkled on top. Plus you never really know if Yumeko has an end game or if she is strictly motivated by her gambling compulsion like the narrative would lead you to believe.

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