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Stuber: Best buddy cop movie of the summer? (review)

You may find this a surprise, but I enjoyed Dave Bautista during his wrestling days with WWE. He’s played in some great roles since then, like Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy most notably. But I was intent on seeing Stuber because I knew it would be a good showing for Bautista who plays Vic Manning in the film. I was not wrong. For me, Dave Bautista was hilarious in this movie.

The comedy in Stuber was spot on! I genuinely belly laughed during this movie. I enjoyed the ride. Seeing how this buddy comedy begins by Vic Manning’s daughter, Nicole, scheduling him an Uber.

Stu, played by Kumil Nanjiani, was very true to life in how he reacted to the circumstances he was thrust into. How would you react if a cop got in your car and pretty much made you take him into dangerous neighbors while he investigated drug deals and cop killers?

“You give people glocks instead of love!” – Stu

Stuber (2019) Bautista and Kumil

Vic and Stu’s dynamic was hilarious. Vic is very brutish for a lot of the movie, but you start to see Stu crack his shell because they are opposites and the friction they have with one another brings them closer.

Stu is 100 percent out of his element, but somehow gets acclimated to Vic’s police antics very quickly. Their relationship progresses throughout the movie until they finally become friends.

The entire movie was great, but the fight at the animal hospital and the fight the outdoor store were my favorite moments in the movie. I liked these moments the best because they triggered key development in Vic and Stu’s relationship.

I also thoroughly enjoyed that Vic held his squinting expression throughout the majority of the film. How was he supposed to know his informant would call the same day he got Lasik eye surgery? The story is compelling and I love the bread crumb explanation that we get during the climax of the film to tie everything together.

Overall, this is a great funny movie. I think it’s the best buddy cop movie I’ve seen in a while. I’d definitely recommend going to see it if you want to have a good laugh.

Avengers: Endgame | My experience in the theater

Watching Avengers: Endgame was a great experience. I completely understand why the Russo brothers didn’t want anyone to spoil the movie on social media. Still I ended up watching the movie a week after its release and I had to pretty much stay off of Instagram and Twitter to make sure I didn’t have things ruined for me.

One week later, the Avengers: Endgame has passed Titanic as the highest grossing film in history and it’s not hard to see why. The run time of this film is just over three hours and I never checked my watch.

I sat down in a full theater with my popcorn, nachos, and orange drink to watch Hawkeye and his daughter shoot bows at a bullseye and then the rollercoaster began.

I didn’t care to look at people in the seats around me because I was focused. But, it was clear that we all were ready to experience the end of the Avengers journey as we know it.

Everyone was on the edge of their seats. We all gasped when Captain Marvel randomly showed up to aide our favorite heroes. We laughed when the rat happened to be at the right place at the wrong time. We sobbed when Peppers told Tony to go on the mission that could change their very existence.

The room erupted with excitement during the quest for the infinity stones and growled with anger when Nebula couldn’t control herself. We cheered when Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America stood up to Thanos. And we cried when this epic ride concluded.

I don’t think I’ve experienced such an emotional rollercoaster since The Avengers: Infinity War. The best thing about going to see this film, was the fact that everyone in the room was on the journey together. We were all in sync and it made the time we spent together all the more treasured.

Despite knowing that there was no special scene after the credits, we still waited just in case. And when we heard the faint, “clink, clink, clink”, we identified it.

When I found out this would be the end of an era, I hoped for Endgame to be a love letter to the fans. I can definitely say it is.

It felt like a wink to the last 11 years of people dissecting every frame of every movie from Iron Man to Ant-Man. It felt like an acknowledgment to everyone who wanted to know what the heroes did once we weren’t looking. And it definitely was a huge thank you to actors who brought the life and personalities to these wonderful characters.

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