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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – Guardian Games – Gameplay Trailer

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Revenant is the Scariest Legend in Apex Legends | Assimilation Trailer

Gamespot uploaded this trailer for the new legend, Revenant. He’ll be released in February 2020 with Apex Legends Season 4.

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Watch Dogs: Legion at E3 2019 | Ubisoft (trailer)

The most exciting information about Watch Dogs: Legion is the option to play as anyone you want while playing the game. In the past, we’ve had one player character. Being able to play any character and customize that character while you play adds to the open world feel of the game.

Apex Legends: Legendary Hunt Event, Double XP weekend (trailer)

Apex Legends starts a new event tomorrow called the Legendary Hunt with new challenges and rewards. The main attraction for players looks like it will be the Apex Elite queue .

For players who finish their matches in the top five of the leader board, there is a special place for you. You’ll join up in the Apex Elite queue and face off against the best of the best.

In addition to this Apex Elite queue , new weapons and skins are available. Plus, it’s a double XP weekend from June 7th to June 9th.

The Legendary Hunt event ends on June 18th and will mark the end of season 1 in Apex Legends.

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