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How to get the Lumina fast and easy | Destiny 2

Much like the Thorn and last word quests, the Lumina proved to be a tedious and grindy set of tasks full of shenanigans. I won’t say it was bad because it utilized a lot of different activities currently in the game. But it definitely gave me a reason to moan and groan from time to time.

When I finally finished the quest took a deep breath in a sigh of relief. Of course, I was taking notes in preparation for this specific blog. In hindsight, I could have gotten the quest done significantly faster.

I did a lot of testing to find out which activities would cut down the grind time and award the most points or percentages for my time spent. Especially on the Fireteam Leader portion of the quest line.

For science!!

My research is your gain! Below is the easy way to acquire your Lumina exotic hand cannon, including the fastest activities that give the most points at specific parts of the questline.

Quest line bounties in order (simplified):

  • Visit the cliffside in the salt mines on earth
    (pick up a chest to acquire the Lumina quest)
  • System Positioning Device: Follow your next step to a specific chest
    ( my group’s location was IO’s excavation site, but yours could on any of the planets).
  • Bearers of Evil: Create 250 motes
  • Rose Reveal: Defend the Light (multi-kills without reloading), Band Together (50k score Nightfall with friends), Face the Hordes (Blindwell on the Dreaming City)
  • Fireteam Leader: 100% activities in the solar system
    (Gambit, Crucible, Menagerie, Strikes, and Nightfalls all count)
  • Strength in Numbers:
    (Kill an invader within ten seconds of them spawning)
    (Make 50 orbs anywhere in the solar system)
    (Kill guardians with hand cannons)
  • Bloom
    (11 out 11 purple crystals in the Will of a Thousand strike )
    (Defeat Xol)

My Strategy:

The fastest way to complete Bearer of Evil is to go to the Blindwell. I know by using this tactic you will spend a lot of time in the Dreaming City, but honestly, it doesn’t matter because its the easiest way to get it done.

The population is very high in Blindwell this week. Having so many people in your instance will make your orb creation go by fast because the orbs count no matter who they are coming from. My group finished this step in one tier III run, plus a bonus heroic charge.

For the Rose Reveal step, you’ll be completing Defend the Light and Face the Horde at the same time. At least you can.

Stay in the Dreaming City, equipt the risk-runner for your Defend the Light bounty. If you are a titan, pop that rally barricade as much as you can and shoot everything.

Realistically it took us (a team of three) 5 full tier III runs to complete Face the Horde, but 2 full runs to get the multi-kill portion done.

Completing the Nightfall is standard practice at this point. We went for 100k because that’s just what we needed. But, getting to 50,000 points is fast. We ran Strange Terrian.

For the Fireteam Leader step, I would advise you doing Menagerie only. I had a full team of six. My standard fireteam, plus three people from’s LFG. We all ran with the rose and it took Three solid runs for me to complete the bounty. Each run granted 20 points.

Unfortunately, I had already struggled through a strike, a Gambit match, two nightfalls, and two forges only getting for 21 points. Then went to help a buddy to the Menagerie and boom discovered a huge point boost. So, just stick with Menagerie.

However, if you are a glutton for punishment and tediousness you could try some of the following. I’ve written the corresponding points next to them.

Strikes: 3 points
Gambit: 7 points
Black Armory Forge: 4 points
Nightfall: 7 points
Menagerie: 20 (with a full team of Roses).

Strength in Numbers has one step that is completely a luck of the draw. That step is killing an invader before they kill a member of your team and before 10 seconds have passed (not on my watch metal).

You might get lucky or really be good at predicting where the invader is going to spawn. I personally got lucky. I put on my Truth and when I finally spotted the invade all the way across the map I aimed and fired. I know it’s cheap, but it worked.

My orbs were a third of the way finished by the time four Gambit matches passed while I was trying to get my invader kill. I finished them up in Blindwell.

We played three crucible matches and got the guardian hand cannon kills.

Bloom is the easiest part of the quest. You have to destroy 11 crystals before defeating Xol in the Will of a Thousand strike.

You can choose this strike off of the Mars map and do it with matchmade players if you need to.

Crystals are present in the first room, the second room, and the fifth room. Xol’s boss room also has crystals. I finished shooting my crystals by room two. After you defeat Xol, wait until the end of the strike and your Lumina will drop.


Lumina Destiny 2 Exotic Hand Cannon Season of Opulence
Lumina acquired

I stayed in the Dreaming City for most of my grinding with the exception of the Menagerie but, I think it was a simpler and easier way to get things done.

Stadia Connect Update: Biggest takeaways

Stadia releases later this year in November 2019. They made some big announcements in today’s Stadia Connect stream on Youtube. Here are the biggest takeaways.


Stadia will be available via TV, desktop, tablet, laptop, and pixel smartphones. Any screen that runs chrome should be able to run Stadia. If you have a Pixel Smartphone, you’ll need to use the Stadia app to play. As a bonus, Stadia is planning to launch on all smartphones in the future.

Latency/ Internet Connection

Googles years of research and optimizing connections will allow smooth game-play regardless of the connection that you have. That solves my previous questions about latency. Players can have a connection up to 4K, HDR video, 60 fps and 5.1 surround sound.


The Stadia controller will be specific for stream game-play. You can use your own controller as well, but the direct connection to Stadia will allow for optimized game-play.

Titles Available

A huge announcement was made by Bungie during the Stadia Connect!

Destiny 2 will be available on Stadia and the new fall expansion Destiny 2: Shadow Keep will be available as well.

Current players of the game will be able to move their current character over to Stadia from Console or PC if they want.

How cool is that?

Other titles announced include (source: The Verge):

Bandai Namco - Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
Bethesda - DOOM Eternal, DOOM 2016, Rage 2, The Elder Scrolls Online,  Wolfenstein: Youngblood
Bungie - Destiny 2
Capcom - TBD
Coatsink - Get Packed (Stadia exclusive)
Codemasters - GRID
Deep Silver - Metro Exodus
Drool - Thumper
Electronic Arts - TBD
Giants Software - Farming Simulator 19
Larian Studios - Baldur’s Gate 3
nWay Games - Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid
Rockstar Games - TBD
Sega - Football Manager
SNK - Samurai Shodown
Square Enix - Final Fantasy XV, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Tomb Raider
2K Games - NBA 2K, Borderlands 3
Tequila Works - Gylt (Stadia exclusive)
Warner Bros. - Mortal Kombat 11
THQ - Darksiders Genesis
Ubisoft - Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Just Dance, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Trials Rising, The Crew 2

There is also a Founder’s Edition for $130 that will give you and a friend Stadia for 3 months free, allow you to snag your Gamertag first, and combine the Chromecast Ultra with an exclusive Night Blue Stadia Controller.

This sounds promising.

We’ll be tracking information. View any of the facts discussed in this article by clicking this link.

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