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Fire Force:A Brother’s Determination | 1 x22 – recap

This episode continues with Shinra versus Sho on the bottom floor of the Nether. Shinra is trying to convince Sho to come with him. Adversely, Sho is trying to explain what the adolla link/burst is. It’s a power that should only be in “adolla,” also known as the underworld. Sho transports Shinra there where he sees the evangelist standing there, but he does not communicate with it. 

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Fire Force: From Whom the Flames Burn | 1 x 14 (recap)

In the previous episode of Fire Force, chaos over took the town of Asakusa because infernals keep popping up and street fights are breaking out due to the imposter towns people. To start episode 14, Konro finds Benimaru and tells him that he needs to rally the people.

Benimaru thinks that Konro should rally the people because he is only able to burn things down. Konro gives him a speech about the people of Asakusa and how they need Benimaru to be their leader during this time.

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