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Taganime you should watch

Darwin’s Game: Gemstone Mine | 1 x02 – recap

Kaname and Shuka’s friendship begins to blossom as she helps him understand D-Game and the rule surrounding it.

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Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi (2020) after one episode

When I looked at the summary for Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi (Formerly Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (1999), I was interested because it seemed to be based around a sly protagonist with a mind for fraud, but a heart of gold.

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Darwin’s Game: First Game | 1 x01 – recap

The first anime of the winter season that we are focusing on is Darwin’s Game. When I first saw the trailer for this anime, it gave me “King’s Game” vibes. However, the first episode of Darwin’s Game starts at lightning speed and the action is hard-hitting, non-stop, and unbelievable at times. This one is going to be good.

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Fire Force: Black and White and Gray | 1 x17 – recap

This episode continues with Giovanni slamming his cane on Vulcan’s invention. He eventually breaks the creation into little pieces revealing the key of Amaterasu.

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My Hero Academia:Let’s Go, Gutsy Red Riot | 4 x05 – recap

Last week’s episode focused on Deku’s first experiences during his work-study with Sir Nighteye. He ended up coming across Kai Chisaki (Overhaul) while on patrol with LeMillion. This week, we have more focus on other Class 1-A students in U.A and their work studies.

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Fire Force: We Are Family | 1 x16 – recap

This episode continues with the story of Vulcan, the engineer that the 8th and every other Fire Force company is trying to recruit. At this point, he has asked Shinra, Arthur, and Iris to leave but on good terms. Vulcan tells Lisa and Yu that they are family and that their bond won’t break as he shares his vision of creating sustainable robotics to help evolve the world.

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Dr. Stone: The Modernity | 1 x19 – recap

This week in Dr. Stone, the Kingdom of Science starts on a high note. Asagiri Gen betrayed Hyoga by sabotaging his spear and siding with Senku and the rest of the group on the village entry bridge. However, the group didn’t realize that Hyoga was a distraction.

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My Hero Academia: Fighting Fate | 4 x04 – recap

In the previous episode, Midoriya was accepted into his work-study with Sir Nighteye. By the end credits, Midoriya had run into their prime subject Overhaul while walking on patrol with Le Million also known as Togato. This episode begins as Togato and Midoriya, now going by their hero names Le Million and Deku, proceed with their walk. Just as their walk begins, a little girl bumps into Deku running from an alleyway with Kai Chisaki closely behind.

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Dr. Stone: Stone Wars | 1 x 18 – recap

In episode 17, Asagiri Gen told Senku that the Kingdom of Might was on their way. They didn’t waste any time, because moments after Senku received the news, Ginro and Kinro were attacked at the bridge. Kinro attempted to hold the Kingdom of Might soldiers off but due to his fuzzy sickness, he was unsuccessful. He gave Ginro instructions to alert the rest of the village and cut the bridge if things got bad.

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Fire Force: The Blacksmith’s Dream | 1 x 15 – recap

In the last episode, the 8th and the 7th company became allies in the mission to find the corruption in the Fire Force. Yona and Arrow escape back to their lair where Shinra’s brother, Sho is waiting for them. They tell Sho about what happened in Asakusa and he decides that he needs to go with them to acquire Shinra because of his Adolla link.

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Dr. Stone: A Hundred Nights and a Thousand Skies | 1 x 17 (recap)

We continue with the flashback of Byakuya and the other astronauts in space during the petrification. Byakuya explains to Lillian that he thinks the petrification started from South America and give credit to Senku for him being able to figure that out.

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Fire Force: From Whom the Flames Burn | 1 x 14 (recap)

In the previous episode of Fire Force, chaos over took the town of Asakusa because infernals keep popping up and street fights are breaking out due to the imposter towns people. To start episode 14, Konro finds Benimaru and tells him that he needs to rally the people.

Benimaru thinks that Konro should rally the people because he is only able to burn things down. Konro gives him a speech about the people of Asakusa and how they need Benimaru to be their leader during this time.

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My Hero Academia: Boy Meets… | 4 x 3 (recap)

We pick up where the last episode ended. Midoriya and Togata stand in the doorway of Sir Nighteye’s office. Moments before they opened the door, Togata told Midoriya that he had to make Nighteye laugh if he wanted to be accepted into the work-study.

Midoriya decided to impersonate All Might from a specific era in time. Nighteye didn’t recognize at first and mistook it as ridicule. However, Midoriya was referring to an instance when All Might’s face was slightly off due to jumping in a river of vinegar to save a boy whose quirk transformed liquid.

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Dr. Stone: A Tale of the Ages | (1 x 16) – recap

In the previous episode, the Kingdom of Science prevailed in winning the Grand Bout. As a result, even though he tried to lose to Chrome, Senku became the village chief of Ishigami. Ruri received the cure-all drug to get rid of her pneumonia. 

Shortly after her recovery, Ruri admits that she knew his full name from the moment she met him because her mother told her a story about him. Ruri proceeds to tell the group that her mom told her stories and the 100th story out of 100 stories was titled Ishigami Senku.

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My Hero Academia: Overhaul (4×2) – recap

Kai Chisaki, also known as Overhaul, visits the League of Villains to speak with Shigaraki about his plan. Initially, Shihgaraki thinks he wants to join their group, but it becomes evident that he intends to take over the group.

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‘No Guns Life’ after one episode

Episode 1 | Renegade Extended

This anime follows Juzo Inui, an overextended war weapon left without purpose since the war ended. He has a huge hand cannon for his head as a result of his augmentation. Other beings have had extensions too. We encounter Karen. She has an eye extension that makes her a great sharpshooter, but she works for the Berühren organization that poses as an orphanage to experiment on children.

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