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Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (trailer)

October 18th release

Fallout 76 Wastelanders update & Nuclear Winter Battle Royale | Bethesda at E3 (trailer)

Halo Infinite announced as launch title with Project Scarlett at E3 2019 (trailer)

The developers at Microsoft spoke about the next generation in console at their E3 Conference. Some exciting points to take away includes shortened loading time, being able to play where you want regarding the cloud saving, and better frames per second.

They topped off the conference by announcing Halo Infinite as the launch title for the next generation console coming next year in holiday of 2020.

Source for video: Gamespot

Gears 5 release date announced at E3, new co-op activity and bonus content (trailer)

Release date is September 10, 2019 announced at E3 Microsoft Conference

The pre-order bonus is Terminator: Dark Fate characters.

Sources for videos: Kotaku and Gamespot

Apex Legends reveal at E3 | new season, new weapon & new legend (trailer)

At EA Play the new season of Apex Legends was announced. It is called Battle Charge. EA also revealed a new weapon titled L-Star and a new legend named Wattson.

Video Sources: IGN, Apex Legends, and Game Clips & Tips

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep announced, Bungie’s new direction is exciting!

How excited am I about the new expansion for Destiny 2?


Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is coming out September 17, 2019. I think I can speak for a lot of the Destiny community and say that hearing Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy talk about all of the changes Bungie has implemented as a result of separating from Activision was like breathing new air. They released a new ViDoc and Trailer for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

I personally tweeted that watching the ViDoc in the live-stream from Bungie felt like watching a butterfly emerge from a cocoon. This is a very exciting time to be a Destiny fan, especially off the back of the Season of Opulence release this week.

Important notes from the stream:

  • Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases this fall. You have the option to purchase it as a stand-alone if you don’t have Destiny 2 yet or as an expansion.
  • As of the release of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, Destiny 2 will be an Action-MMO single evolving world that you can play anywhere you want using cross-save.
  • PC players will now be on Steam
  • Stand-alone Content
  • New Light will be a free download that gets new players into new content within 15 minutes.
  • They’ll be no more exclusive activities.
  • You can buy all content moving forward stand-alone.
  • Google’s Stadia partnership launches with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.
  • The current life cycle of Destiny 2 will be bundled and available for $40.

Exciting mentions from the ViDoc include:

  • We’re going back to the moon
  • They’ll be armor trans mods
  • New movements and abilities for sub-classes
  • PVP updates
  • Black Garden Raid

I think I saw Crota in the ViDoc as well. That’d be a great throwback!

Take a look at the ViDoc for yourself:

Stadia Connect Update: Biggest takeaways

Stadia releases later this year in November 2019. They made some big announcements in today’s Stadia Connect stream on Youtube. Here are the biggest takeaways.


Stadia will be available via TV, desktop, tablet, laptop, and pixel smartphones. Any screen that runs chrome should be able to run Stadia. If you have a Pixel Smartphone, you’ll need to use the Stadia app to play. As a bonus, Stadia is planning to launch on all smartphones in the future.

Latency/ Internet Connection

Googles years of research and optimizing connections will allow smooth game-play regardless of the connection that you have. That solves my previous questions about latency. Players can have a connection up to 4K, HDR video, 60 fps and 5.1 surround sound.


The Stadia controller will be specific for stream game-play. You can use your own controller as well, but the direct connection to Stadia will allow for optimized game-play.

Titles Available

A huge announcement was made by Bungie during the Stadia Connect!

Destiny 2 will be available on Stadia and the new fall expansion Destiny 2: Shadow Keep will be available as well.

Current players of the game will be able to move their current character over to Stadia from Console or PC if they want.

How cool is that?

Other titles announced include (source: The Verge):

Bandai Namco - Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
Bethesda - DOOM Eternal, DOOM 2016, Rage 2, The Elder Scrolls Online,  Wolfenstein: Youngblood
Bungie - Destiny 2
Capcom - TBD
Coatsink - Get Packed (Stadia exclusive)
Codemasters - GRID
Deep Silver - Metro Exodus
Drool - Thumper
Electronic Arts - TBD
Giants Software - Farming Simulator 19
Larian Studios - Baldur’s Gate 3
nWay Games - Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid
Rockstar Games - TBD
Sega - Football Manager
SNK - Samurai Shodown
Square Enix - Final Fantasy XV, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Tomb Raider
2K Games - NBA 2K, Borderlands 3
Tequila Works - Gylt (Stadia exclusive)
Warner Bros. - Mortal Kombat 11
THQ - Darksiders Genesis
Ubisoft - Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Just Dance, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Trials Rising, The Crew 2

There is also a Founder’s Edition for $130 that will give you and a friend Stadia for 3 months free, allow you to snag your Gamertag first, and combine the Chromecast Ultra with an exclusive Night Blue Stadia Controller.

This sounds promising.

We’ll be tracking information. View any of the facts discussed in this article by clicking this link.

Apex Legends: Legendary Hunt Event, Double XP weekend (trailer)

Apex Legends starts a new event tomorrow called the Legendary Hunt with new challenges and rewards. The main attraction for players looks like it will be the Apex Elite queue .

For players who finish their matches in the top five of the leader board, there is a special place for you. You’ll join up in the Apex Elite queue and face off against the best of the best.

In addition to this Apex Elite queue , new weapons and skins are available. Plus, it’s a double XP weekend from June 7th to June 9th.

The Legendary Hunt event ends on June 18th and will mark the end of season 1 in Apex Legends.

Terminator: Dark Fate (theory and trailer review)

With Terminator: Dark Fate coming out in November 2019, we get to retcon everything made after Judgement Day. This works because this is a series based on time travel and changing the past and future. Plus, Linda Hamilton is back as Sarah Connor!

It looks like Sarah Connor is going to be the guide for us this time around. We have two characters on the run. One is an augmented humanoid who can regenerate named Grace and the other is Dani Ramos (a damsel in distress or so it appears).

You can hear Grace ask Sarah Connor why she cares about Ramos and she responds, “Because I was her”. So maybe Ramos is pregnant or fated to affect the timeline in some way.

Here’s a question.

In Terminator Judgement Day, Sarah takes John Connor and the Terminator to see old friends who will help them flee to Mexico. Is Dani Ramos a relative of those friends? If she is, that could be another reason Sarah feels the need to save her.

Also, where is John?

I noticed Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator) made a quick cameo in this teaser when Sarah’s group arrives at his cabin in the woods. Perhaps he is just a support character rather than the main Terminator this time around. He’s clearly not the same Terminator that saved John in Terminator 2: Judgment Day because we all remember the thumbs up scene. Please don’t make me cry.

Maybe Schwarzenegger is the Terminator that saved Sarah as a child. This was referenced in Terminator: Genisys.

Speaking of the Terminator, Gabriel Luna is playing the antagonist. His version of the terminator looks like it will allow him to clone himself in some way, as well as make knives and other sharp objects out of his body. That’s an interesting new take on the upgrades of a terminator this time around.

Take a look at the trailer below:

I’m always excited when a new Terminator movie is set for release. Yes, even the less stellar options in the franchise. I may not have been alive for the first Terminator release, and I’m certain I didn’t watch Terminator: Judgement Day until I was six. But, it is one of my favorite movies and the Terminator franchise is one of my favorites.

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