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8 Anime Shows About Insecurity And Personal Growth

8) Yona Of The Dawn

No, it’s not a romance anime. The anime is about the red-headed princess who suddenly finds herself alone and on the run when a plan to assassinate her goes wrong.

Having lived a sheltered life, she does not have the survival skills needed to survive in the real world. The anime shows her growth from a naive little princess to a strong-headed confident girl.

The life lessons from these anime will surely be relatable to you and knowingly and unknowingly you will walk away from the anime with some meaningful life lessons.

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Hey guys, I’m Rachel, author of No Filler Anime, I like thinking about anime, characters, analyzing them, and wondering about different theories. While I had occasionally dabbled here and there, I really didn’t start watching with any conviction until I was older. Suddenly, I had the desire to begin consuming more anime. The good ones and the bad ones. New series and classic series.

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