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8 Anime Shows About Insecurity And Personal Growth

6) Good Luck Girl

The bright colors and it being a comedy series might throw you off because it really does not look like an anime about insecurities but it is and you understand this as you watch more of the series.

It is a short series, so it will not take much time out of your busy schedule. Despite the length of the series, the writers do an excellent job of developing and fleshing out the characters.

The comedy series is about an entitled selfish girl named Ichiko Sakura. She comes from a very wealthy family and has been pampered her whole life. She has a butler who does everything for her, so she does not need to do anything on her own. Despite this, she treats her butler very badly and only realizes this after the death of her butler. From this point, she grows into a more mature and likable individual.

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