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Who is Moon Knight?

Now that Oscar Issac has been cast as the mysterious new superhero, Moon Knight. It’s time to dive in and find out who Moon Knight is as a character and how he could fit into the MCU as Disney ramps up for a new series on the Disney Plus streaming service. 

Moon Knight made his first appearance in 1975 in the comic ‘Werewolf by Night’ issue 32. According to, Moon Knight (birth name Marc Spector) created a life for himself, eventually becoming a CIA operative. His brother betrayed him by killing his love, Lisa. This ultimate betrayal caused Marc almost to kill his brother, but he failed. 

Randall has a series of rebirths and reemerging moments throughout Moon Knight’s story, so he will most likely play an essential role in the series on Disney Plus. 

After that betrayal, Spector unravels and falls to the dark side becoming void of all morality and developing multiple personalities. 

What we’re looking forward to:

Moon Knight is connected to favorite characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Spider-Man, The Thing (Fantastic Four), Captain America, and The Defenders (who we met in the Netflix series with Dare Devil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron First).

With Spector being attached to these big names, he could help bring in the Fantastic Four, make cameos in Spider-Man if allowed, and aid in the Defenders’ rebirth (especially since that series and it’s independent shows shouldn’t have been canceled). 

More to know:

As we prepare for Moon Knight’s entrance into the MCU, I wonder how Isaac will portray him. Over the years, Moon Knight has appeared in different iterations with different origins. So he could very well be a wild card. 

Here is a video from regarding the superhero.

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