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The God of High School: Set Up/Stand Up (01 x01) | Crunchy Roll

Crunch Roll’s latest exclusive, The God of High School, is a web series from 2011 that has finally made its way into anime form.

I had heard about the series but didn’t know much about it. After the first episode that aired on July 6th, what kept me interested was the action.

Set Up/Stand Up

Most of the first episode, “Set Up/ Stand Up,” centered around the main protagonist, Jin Mo-Ri. On his way to a martial arts tournament created for high school students, he sees an older woman get her purse snatched. While riding his bike, he decides to apprehend the robber.

During his chase scene, he literally runs into Yu Mi-Ra, who hops on his bike and helps him follow the suspect. The chase sequence is fun and engaging with a lot of comedy. Through all of Jin and Yu’s efforts, Han Dae-Wi ended up getting the glory by punching the thief in his face when they cross paths.

Jin Mo-Ri, Yu Mi-Ra, and Han Dae-Wi exchange pleasantries when they arrive at the tournament at the same time. Jin offered gratitude for their help. As a result, a budding friendship began to form.

Still, all three characters joined the tournament with every man for themselves when the first stage was announced as a battle royale full of talented fighters, and they each held their own too.

First Impressions:

Jin Mo-Ri is absolutely a charismatic enigma. Just from his design, you can tell that he’s meant to be at the forefront. He has wild, carefree hair and stars in his eyes. Let’s not forget he’s a skilled fighter with a lighthearted attitude.

The tournament that our three main characters joined offers the prize of getting whatever wish they desire fulfilled if they win. And from the opening scene, the wielder of this power is involved in some “shady” dealings. I couldn’t tell if the corporation leader was good or bad.


I’m not sure how many episodes are scheduled to be released for The God of High School, but I believe they are released every Monday on Crunchy Roll. We’ll be following along.

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