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The Flash: Success is Assured | 6 x19 (season finale)

At the start of the season finale, Eva is wearing a special suit to help her stay in her physical form outside of the Mirror-verse. Mirror David Singh is still doing her bidding.

Allegra and Nash are still not friendly, but they’ll eventually be friends again. Allegra, Nash, Cecile all say goodbye to Frost. Frost’s mom arrives to prepare for their journey. They have a heart to heart conversation and agree to get to know each other.

Team Flash meets at CCPD, and Ralph gives the diamond from Sue to Allegra to investigate. They find out there is a treasure mat of the city inside. Elongated Man and The Flash investigate the map’s location while Allegra and Nash stay on coms.

They find Mirror Singh in the midst of burning down the place. Singh says that Carver will be destroyed because he let Eva rot in the mirror even though he knew she was there. Barry decides that they have to protect Carver.

Carver tells Barry that the Mirrorverse is incompatible with the human brain. It warps the mind, and Iris is probably in the process of losing her mind. He also turns down team flashes’ protection.

Meanwhile, Iris thinks she is acclimating to the mirror verse because she is able to see a map momentarily. She hopes to find Singh now that she has a radius of where he is.

Carver has his minions waiting for him at his hideout, but Eva snatches them all into the mirror verse. But for some reason, she doesn’t stay to grab Carver. He asks Barry for protection in exchange for Joe’s safety.

Mirror Singh asks Barry for Carver in exchange for Iris. Nash confronts Barry about his hesitation to take the deal. That conversation doesn’t end well. Barry takes Carver to his panic room to wait for extraction. Team Flash covers the perimeter.

Ralph runs into Sue, who has taken her place in Black Hole. Sue plans to kill Carver. Ralph tries to talk her out of it but fails. Just ask Ralph wakes up from his encounter with Sue, Carver’s old minions are now Eva’s Mirror Minions, and they attack, and Sue comes back to help.

Eva arrives and blasts Barry with a laser and eventually arrives in Carver’s panic room. Just as she was about to stab Carver to death, the Flash comes to take the shards of glass. Eva succeeds in killing Carver. Before he dies, he tells her she isn’t human anymore and that the real her died in the particle accelerator explosion.

After killing Carver, Eva tells Barry they are on the same side, she calls off her minions and lets Team Flash go.

The next day, Eva comes out to the public and frames Sue for Carver’s murder. Barry talks over his troubles with Caitlin before she leaves with her mom.

As the season ends…

Iris, Kamilla, and Singh are still trapped in the mirror verse. But, Joe rejoins team Flash to help save them. Meanwhile, Iris finally controls her vision to find Singh, but as a result, she crystallizes and disappears, leaving Kamilla alone.

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