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Prophecy Dungeon Guide (simplified) | Destiny 2: Season of the Arrivals

The new dungeon, Prophecy, was released at 5 pm PST yesterday, the first day of the new season in Destiny 2, Season of the Arrivals. I’ve put together easy to follow instructions on how to finish the encounter.

While I was ill-prepared for the new end game activity, I did get to experience the dungeon with friends. My fireteam’s light level was between 1024 and 1040. Luckily, engrams drop throughout your game session and help you level up in some slots.

I have to admit this dungeon was a challenge. I’m sure for guardians that were at max power, the boss fight may have been less work. However, my group found it challenging to clear adds at times, especially toward the end of the dungeon.  

Bungie a lot of great mechanics. Obstacles that all Destiny fans praised in secret missions like Zero Hour, and the Pit of Hersey Dungeon. Prophecy includes complex jump puzzles, a unique scenery, and encounters to determine light and dark, and a worthy boss with a cool warp attack feature that you engage while platforming. 

Here are the simplified instructions on beating the new dungeon.

Open your path:

When you load into the Prophecy, you will have to open your pathway by collecting light motes and dark motes. 

You collect light motes by shooting Taken Knights while you are in the light. You collect dark motes by shooting Taken Knights while you are in the dark. When you collect at least 5 motes, you can use them to dismantle the specific platform. 

If you’ve committed to light motes, you should only collect light motes until you’ve dismantled the light platform because if you pick up dark motes, they will replace the motes you’ve already collected and vice versa.

Proceed to dismantle the light and dark platforms until you’ve moved full through the path, taking you to a room with your first boss fight.

Boss 1 (Echo Echo Phalanx):

You’ll need to continue shooting knights in the light and dark to shut down four (two light/ two dark) platforms. After you shut down those platforms, you can damage the boss. 

Follow the leader (Toland):

After beating the boss, drop down into the glowing pink hole into a desert area. There are blights around the area. You need to destroy those blights to get Toland to show up.

Follow him, rinse and repeat until you see the text, “the way is open.”

Look for a narrow glowing pink light coming from the ground to the sky and go to it. It’s reminiscent of the reckoning doorway, but pink. Go into that door, and you’ll enter a room divided into pink and blue. 

You can teleport through the room based on the platforms that you jump on. 

Note: You continue to pick up light and dark motes the same way you have for the entire dungeon. Shoot the Taken Knights in the light or dark areas for the desired mote type. 

However, this time, look for Toland before you commit to your mote type. Toland will be over a light platform or a dark platform. Deposit your motes accordingly, and you scale the room.

Once you’ve climbed the room by following Toland, you fight two Phalanx bosses, which ends the encounter. 

Follow the leader (Taken Captain):

After you finish the encounter, you’ll return to the desert and follow a Taken Captain that will disappear whenever you shoot it. Keep looking for it, and eventually, you’ll end up at the next doorway. 

Sparrow Racing:

It leads to a cool, Tron looking hallway that you can sparrow through. This hallway turns into a road of ribbons that you can fall off of (take care). 

You’ll eventually end up at a platform that will suck you up into the final boss fight, the Taken Fallen Captain, you were chasing in the desert.

Final Boss Fight (Kell Echo) / Dark Entropy: 

Begin killing Taken Knight’s for light and dark motes and dismantle the light and dark platforms. Adds are very overwhelming in this area, especially if you are low in power, so take that into account, especially when the ogres show up. 

Once you dismantle the platforms, look for the pink glow in the middle of the room. You and your fireteam jump on it, and you will arrive in the boss’s room for the damage phase. 

The boss throws a blighted warp attack that bumps you backward (if you’re lucky enough not to fall off the platforms in the room). You will receive a “debuff” called Dark Entropy that will destroy you if you are too far away from the boss. 

Note: There will be adds in the room sniping at you.

Rinse and repeat until you’ve defeated the boss! I hope this helped. Bookmark and share this with your friends.

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