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The Flash: Pay the Piper | 6 x18 – recap

Barry tells Joe and Team Flash about the mirror-verse.
As the group tries to regroup, Nash and Ralph investigate Eva, Barry fails to break ground on the artificial speed force, and Cisco fails to find a way into the mirrorverse.

Neural Dissonance

In the mirrorverse, Iris leaves Barry a recording in case he doesn’t find her. Finally, Iris finds Kamilla in a mirror version of Star Labs. Kamilla tries to show Iris the evidence she compiled, but Iris is plagued by neural dissonance, which interrupts her vision and causes her to freak out and run.

When Kamilla finds Iris, she can barely hold a glass of water. Kamilla attempts to help Iris clear her head, which results in them agreeing to track down David Singh and escape together.

Godspeed Attacks

Godspeed (one that can talk) attacks Barry at Stab Labs and tries to steal the rest of his speed. Nash arrives in time to shoot Godspeed with a pulse rifle and runs him off.

Team Flash comes together to try and figure out his motive for attacking Barry. They ask Hartley to help stop Godspeed’s soundwaves. They make a deal to fix his friend in exchange for his help.

Saying Goodbye to Frost

Ralph says goodbye to Frost after a two-part pep talk. She’s going to be helped by her mom to help with her freezing condition.

“Forgive Yourself” – Nash Wells

After failing to save Hartley’s friend, Nash approaches Barry to find out why he’s wasting time. Nash tells Barry to forgive himself so he can figure out a way to save Iris and the others. Cisco is also struggling with hurt and guilt for not noticing Kamilla was gone. He’s failed to find a way into the Mirrorverse and blames himself for not being strong enough without his powers or his girlfriend. Cecile helps him clear his head.

Barry, as the Flash, goes after Godspeed with his dwindling speed. Barry runs out of speed mid-run, Hartley saves him from falling to his death. The two work together to counter the Godspeed attack and cause him to crash to the ground.

Godspeed’s blood is blue, and it’s charged sound, which will help save Hartley’s friend.

After everything has settled, Barry gives team Flash a pep talk to find Eva Mccollum and find Iris, Kamilla, and Singh. Cisco shares an idea to get their friends out of the Mirror-Verse. He has to travel to Atlantis to get the tech they need.

Also, Allegra is an official member of Team Flash, and Eva Mcculloch now has a physical body and is planning to go after her husband, Joseph Carver.

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