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The Flash: Liberation | 6 x17- review

Cisco, Ralph, and Barry flip the switch to the artificial speed force, and it fails. The three of them look at each other with disappointment as the title sequence starts.

Later, Cecille joins the three them and asks Barry to come with her to see Iris. Barry says no, but tells Cecille to tell her he misses her. 

Meanwhile, Mirror Iris is reporting back to Eva about Barry’s dwindling speed, and she looks sad. Maybe She’s having a strike of consciousness. She snaps out of it to stand her ground against Cecille’s go advice. Mirror Iris asks Cecille to read her emotions. I’m guessing she can’t interpret her own. 

Cecille says she’s sad and concerned. Mirror Kamile interrupts to tell Mirror Iris to make space for herself, and that makes Cecille leave after relaying Barry’s “miss you” message. 

Cecille arrives home to find Barry, FINALLY, concluding that Iris is not herself. Cecille tries to talk to him our of it, but he is convinced, and he tracks her odd behavior back to her visit with Mccollum Tech. He wants his speed back to save the real Iris. 

Since when is Caitlin the frosty one?

Ralph and Cisco find Caitlin hypothermic on her couch. They attempt to warm her up again by electrocuting her through Ralph, and it works. 

Apparently, her wound from Sunshine got infected, and that was a self-healing method gone wrong.  

The real Iris finds a door behind Eva’s mirror after Eva turns down her idea to smash the mirror. 

Barry and Cecille break into Iris’ office and find the photo of Mirror Iris with her brother, Wally.

Back with Mirror Iris, Mirror Former Captain David, and Mirror Kamille are moving into together at Barry and Iris’ loft to plan how to get Ramsey (aka Bloodwork) out of lock-up.

What happened to Bloodwork?

Question: Where are the real Kamille and David? 

Mirror Iris shows up to Star Labs after being called for an emergency. Nash, Cecille, and Barry surround her.

Success is assured!

However, the real Iris ends up passing out after finding out what Eva is really doing. At the same time, Barry flashes Mirror Iris with a prismatic wave, and it does nothing. Meanwhile, Mirror Iris flashes Barry back, and he is affected. 

Cecille puts the meta cuffs on Barry, and everyone stands dumbfounded. It looks like Barry figured it out too late, and now he’s locked up.

Cecille’s telepathy triggers against Mirror Iris again.

A flashback shows that Mirror Iris was tipped off by Eva, and the prismatic device was replaced so that it would backfire on Barry instead of exposing Mirror Iris. 

The Mirror Crew releases Ramsey in exchange for his help. They need his lifeblood. Mirror Kamila sacrifices herself to free Ramsey, then he attacks Mirror Iris and Mirror David.

Ramsey leaves blood per their agreement, but not before Mirror Iris tells him that she wants to be a real person. Ramsey opts to stay in prison and play the long game.

Meanwhile, Cecille frees Barry to find the real Iris because her telepathy tells her so. He finds Mirror iris finishing up a conversation with Eva after giving her Bloodworks lifeblood.

 “Where is Iris?” – Barry Allen

Mirror Iris attacks Barry with T-1000 hands, and Barry can barely keep up because he’s losing his speed. With Iris’ help from the mirror realm, Barry is able to help Mirror Iris make a choice against Eva. 

Eva steps through the mirror, leaving Iris in the mirror realm after destroying her own creation, Mirror Iris.

Eva tells Barry that Iris, David, and Kamilla are safe if he stays out of her way. Apparently, now she can teleport using mirrors.

Barry wakes up, healed from his wounds looking in the mirror longing for Iris. Iris is longing for him on the other side as well.

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