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Hi Bye, Mama! is a pure emotional roller coaster (Review)

Hi Bye, Mama! was recommended to me by a friend who shares my same interest in K-dramas. This 16-episode series was full of tear-jerking moments that almost made the show unbearable to watch.

The story surrounds a woman named Cha Yu-ri. Days away from giving birth, she falls victim to a car crash days away from giving birth to her daughter. This results in her losing her life on the operating table.

Her daughter survives, and her husband remarries. However, he never truly gets over his loss. Her best friend and mother also continue to suffer. Little do they know, she was a ghost standing by them for five years before she is brought to life presumably because of an intense conversation she had with a deity. When she’s given a second chance a story of remorse, reflection, and love takes place.

No Spoilers

This series has some of the best acting that I’ve experienced in a long time. It invoked so much emotion not only with the main character but with the supporting cast as well. However, Lee Kyu Hyung (who played Cho Gang-Hwa) deserves an award for his performance.

Gang-Hwa, the husband of the main character Cha Yu-ri (played by Kim Tae-hee), gave some of the realist emotion during his scenes from stoic to hysterical, and it really allowed me to believe the story and his grief.

The story is already a tough concept to watch. It deals with grief, remorse, regret, and other topics that we, as humans, try to avoid when watching entertainment. Still, this cast brought their heart to the table while performing, and it showed.

I have to admit that I almost stopped watching because I wasn’t prepared for the level of emotion I experienced in the first four episodes. I came back to the show a day later because I couldn’t give up on seeing the situation to though to the end. As an added layer, I decided to guess how things ended. Of course, I was completely wrong, but I enjoyed trying.

There were some antagonistic characters, but no one truly meant harm. I’ll even give the rude class mothers the benefit of the doubt. They just needed to learn how to mind their business.

Though there were some funny moments, Hi Bye, Mama! is not a comedy. So when you boot up Netflix, remember that watching Hi Bye Mama! is not for the faint of heart. Grab your tissue box, a cuddly pillow, and prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster.

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